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Lady Elena Evangeline is considered many things. Arrogant, prude, snob, miserable, cold hearted; but most importantly she is smart. Incredibly smart when it comes to money. She is so good at it, in fact, that she has become the most valuable crew member of the Sursă, singlehandedly she restored the finances of the family and set the house in order money wise. Her ability is almost supernatural, and this more then makes up for her zero social skills.
  Rumor has it that she was once caught counting the cards of the Fortunes Favor a long time ago and was recruited into the Danesti family, but when her social skills came to light, she was gifted to the Sursă to forge an alliance between the two families, and since then both families and Elena have flourished. She spends most of her days keeping the finances under heavy scrutiny and an iron grip, thanks to the help of the underlings in the organization, and actively participates in the bigger decisions made by the family.
Defining Value
"There are formula for everything dear, even your life. Really. And based on my calculations, the answer for you is: not much."

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