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Die's Multiverse

After Crisis on Infinite Earths, the multiverse was reformed by the guiding hand of Zenric the Creator. The heroes largely involved in the Crisis were found in familiar form in the universe known as New Earth. Doctor Scott, with his power to survive the collapse of the multiverse, appeared in the universe known as Earth-47. The multiplicity of the multiverse would frame within a collection of fifty-two universes; however, there would be one universe beyond that frame and a universe dire to the frame. The universe from which the multiverse would draw frame of reference which no none universal being could effect was known as Earth-42. Earth-42 was established by Zenric to allow for a universal constant and a connection to the truth of creation, giving credence to the multiverse's existence. The other universe was framed outside of the fifty-two at the head of the pantheon of universes, that universe was known as Earth-0 or New Earth. As is the constant of existence, Entropy would appear in the multiverse as well, still caged. Entropy would find a home in the universe known as The Terminus or Earth-52.   This multiverse neighbors Reality which it is powerless to effect. It holds alternate universes which can be reached through various means like The Bleed and a Vanishing Point that holds the data, or histories, of that which was lost, like prior universes. In Reality, this was where the Age of Heroes Campaign was concluded and a campaign to Kingdom Come charges forth. Die's Multiverse was formed by several superhero campaigns and is now the home to all campaigns going forward.
Infinitude can be found within; though poetically, all things roam here: horrors of midnights, campaigns of a lost year, dungeons disturbed, and groves of lights; echoing on these shores, still clear, dead ecstasies of questing knights. Yet how the wind revives us here!

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