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Vanishing Point

This place is beyond time and space. It contains echos of old universes and new ones. It hold things fallen from all time and space. Vanishing Point is a metaphysical dimension that lies outside the normal space/time continuum. It exists during the last possible moment in the universe, the last nanosecond before entropy ends everything. At the center of Vanishing Point is a floating fortress which serves as the base of operations for the Linear Men, a group of volunteers who have taken it upon themselves to police the timestream.   The area surrounding the actual Vanishing Point holding things lost and forgotten from dead universes to new ones, is called the far realm. The Far Realm is truly a place of madness, the maddening realm is feared for its power to twist unfortunate visitors into gruesome monsters, and it is from there that aberrations come. According to Malyanna, a servant of the Abolethic Sovereignty, all cosmologies are threatened by the Far Realm.   The Vanishing Point, by those that call it the Zero Zone, has been used as a place of exile. Alien races, some long dead, use the Zero Zone as a prison, or a dumping ground.
Alternative Name(s)
Far Realm or Zero Zone
Dimensional plane
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