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Pre-Convergence Universe

All that is left of the Pre-Convergence Universe are stories held within the SourceBook. The stories tell of mighty heroes whom battled for the cosmos, who's appearance matched nothing in the world. After an explosion in a nuclear plant in Charlotte, North Carolina heroes were given great gifts, called Paranormal Powers, and teams such as the Heroes Emporium would fight for the survival of Earth from the year 2017 CE to the universe's destruction. The Heroes Emporium fought great battles with great beasts that destroyed many of the major cities of the world. Steel Patriot sacrificed himself in a cataclysmic final battle against a world ending alien that would lead to the universe's downfall. Most of what is easily known is that before its destruction, it largely resembled the later Earth-42 or Reality but the appearance of heroes forever changed its landscape. In truth, this existence spun from Reality creating a string that would later craft a multiverse. Although he was almost joined by two members of the Heroes Emporium, The Stranger and Behemoth, only the knowledge of the being known as the Red Watcher, which was vast and nearly a complete history, survived the end of this universe. At the end, The Stranger used his electric powers to battle the Goblin of Free Harbor but the Orb of Entropy was destroyed releasing an entity that knew only of hunger. The universe that followed became known as the Post-Convergence Universe.   This universe took the place of Die's Multiverse before its collapse. In Reality, this was where the original Superhero Campaign was played.
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