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Post-Convergence Multiverse

This multiverse was home to several alternate universes; however, those universes were non-permanent and constantly collapsing. The only constant in this multiverse was the Post-Convergence Universe itself. In its creation, the Post-Convergence Universe took influence from an alternate universe that would resemble the later Freedom Universe. The universe and the weak and collapsing multiverse, that hardly existed and wouldn't by the universe's end, was created by the Red Watcher after the collapse of the Pre-Convergence Universe. This universe saw just a few great heroes given god-like powers as an entity known as Entropy consumed the life forces within. First among the heroes were the individuals that survived the Pre-Convergence Universe. The Stranger would fight the heroes of Freedom City and he and his Post-Convergence doppelganger would be killed by them. The Behemoth, an original member of the Heroes Emporium, would be eaten by Entropy upon his entrance into the world. Using a man named Alonzo Scott to stem the tide of hell on his home planet, Earth, the new and remade Watcher prepared for a battle with Entropy. Towards the universe's end in the modern era, the Watcher fought a mighty battle with Entropy. The Watcher lost that battle and was consumed by Entropy but it was a trap. Entropy was caged and the Watcher was left as but a sacrifice delivering all his gained knowledge from the beginning of the existence of the Pre-Convergence Universe into Doctor Scott's mind. The universe was then reformed into what would be known as the Pre-Crisis Multiverse.   This universe took the place of Die's Multiverse before its collapse. In Reality, this was where the original online Superhero Campaign was played.
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