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Pre-Crisis Multiverse

This multiverse was formed when the Watcher fought a mighty battle with Entropy. The Watcher lost that battle and was consumed by Entropy but he'd set a trap and Entropy fell right in, hungering. As the multiverse reformed Entropy was caged and as this multiverse would later collapse into Die's Multiverse, Entropy would remain caged. This multiverse, in its founding, saw its creator the Watcher, adapt truths it remembered from the Pre-Convergence Universe, taking history from those truths, and combining those truths with that which came before as the Watcher willed it. In his death, the Watcher gave power to the beings that would form the multiverse and then he would fade. In the Watcher's last moments, he would deliver Doctor Scott to Earth-31 and give him the power to move into the next universe should the Pre-Crisis Multiverse collapse. The Pre-Crisis Multiverse would later collapse when the Anti-Monitor was freed and invaded all existences that he could. This multiverse's destruction gave way to Die's Multiverse. This multiverse took the place of Die's Multiverse before its collapse. In Reality, this was where the Age of Heroes Campaign began on Pre-Crisis Earth-31 and where it would switch to Die's Multiverse after an invasion by the Anti-Monitor and his invasion force from Earth-30.
Alternative Name(s)
The Original Multiverse or the Pre-Crisis Universe
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