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The Cosmic Coil

Mystic adepts call it many things: the Veiled Road, the Winding Way, the Spiral of the Spheres, and the Paths of the Magi. The Serpent People call it the Cosmic Coil, while to the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign, it is the Maze of Madness, the path to the Unspeakable One, the all-devouring chaos at the center of existence. They all describe the mysterious pathways between dimensions, particularly to other worlds of magical power. The Cosmic Coil winds its way between and around all the spheres of existence, a way of reaching other worlds for those who know how to walk its twisted, secret paths. Such journeys may be short or long (sometimes varying from one journey to the next), but they are always risky, even for true adepts of the mystic arts.

Once the Cosmic Coil was more accessible and even mundane people could wander into it as easily as crossing a stream, forest clearing, or cave opening. Now, mystic barriers erected by generations of magicians have largely sealed off access to the Coil and other dimensions. There remain some places where the walls between worlds are thin enough for casual passage, and there are creatures able to follow the Winding Way on their own, perhaps even leading others through it. For the most part, access to the Cosmic Coil is limited to mystics using the proper spells and rituals, and policing their use is an important task for the Master Mage.
Alternative Name(s)
the Veiled Road, the Winding Way, the Spiral of the Spheres, the Paths of the Magi, and the Maze of Madness
Dimensional plane
Location under

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