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You Will Be Poison

Asuha Gowriat'Alierma, Umbral of The Night of Apopshe, summoned Osoka Zinvirin Diriat'Alierma to her chambers. The young Drow Elvirim girl did her best to maintain her composure, but being summoned before the unquestioned leader of the foremost sisterhood of spies and assassins in Isolabirre was overwhelming. It was rare for the Umbral to take notice of any Diriat, let alone one from a minor clan barely out of childhood. Osoka was just sixteen years old. She stood stiffly before the Gowriat, knowing that her life literally depended on her performance in this moment.   Asuha said to her, "Osoka Zinvirin Diriat'Alierma, The Night of Apopshe requires your obedience. We have taken note of you. You perform very well in your physical strength and endurance training, near the top of your cohort, and have never missed any of your exercises or instruction due to illness. You are physically strong and healthy; however, you do not excel in martial arts, and your training in languages and other academic topics is just satisfactory, despite the fact that you apply maximal effort. Do you agree with our assessment?"   What could she say? A lowly Diriat of House Alierma dare not disagree with a Gowriat, let alone the Umbral. Osoka replied, "Yes, Umbral. All you have said is true."   The Umbral continued, "Given your limited abilities, under normal circumstances The Night of Apopshe would not have a place for you as a Shadow, but I have decided to give you an opportunity, one few so young are given."   Osoka could scarcely believe her ears. Given an opportunity to become a Shadow of the Night of Apopshe as a Diriat? It was unheard of! She fell to her knees, and exclaimed, "Thank you, Umbral! I will complete whatever you require without fail or die trying!"   The Umbral said, "Yes. You most certainly will. Osoka Zinvirin Diriat'Alierma, you are to become a Zhirzakto. You will begin the training immediately."   Osoka swallowed hard and began to sweat. Only about one of every four that undergo the desensitization and training required to become a Zhirzakto poison maker survive. On the other hand, those that do survive, those able to gather the materials for and make the deadly Zhirzpla poison are invaluable and highly honored as Shadows of The Night of Apopshe.   She replied, shaking, "Yes, Umbral. I am beyond grateful to be chosen. I will complete the training without fail." She didn't have to add "or die trying." That was obvious to them both.
Just after twilight, Osoka Zinvirin Diriat'Alierma sat in a small, locked chamber on the outer wall of the surface castle above Isolabirre. Smoke from a small fire filled the room on which burned a few small twigs of a Wax Rose bush. Waves of nausea and cramps wracked Osoka's body, and she hallucinated that she was covered by insects chewing away her skin, though rationally, she knew that wasn't possible. She struggled to control her mind and body, but she heaved and vomited, even after there was nothing left in her stomach.   This was just the first stage of her desensitization training. In the morning, the Zhizakto trainer would let her out to recover her strength - if she was still alive.
Asuha Gowriat'Alierma
Asuha Gowriat'Alierma by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
Asuha Gowriat'Alierma, Umbral of The Night of Apopshe
Osoka Zinvirin Diriat'Alierma
Osoka Zinvirin Diriat'Alierma by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
Osoka Zinvirin Diriat'Alierma, before training as a Zhirzakto

Cover image: by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)


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