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Zhirzpla is the extremely deadly poison made and used by Shadows of The Night of Apopshe for use in assassinations. It is made from a mixture of Southern Mottled Venom Toad Poison, venom from poisonous asps found in The Great Equatorial Desert, and wax from Wax Rose bushes.   Some Shadows undergo a painful process of desensitization to zhirzpla. Those that survive without severe damage to their health are assigned to collect the toads and their poison, milk venom from the desert asps, and collect wax from Wax Rose bushes, and then to manufacture zhirzpla from those raw ingredients. Those Shadows are respected, even revered, even among the other Shadows of the Night.


Material Characteristics

In its base form, zhirzpla is a fine, white powder with a slightly pink tint.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Zhirzpla is an incredibly deadly poison. A tiny amount, equal to the weight of a small eyelash or the weight of a fruitfly, is enough to kill an adult Human of average size. Though Southern Mottled Venom Toad Poison is a deadly contact poison, as a dry powder zhirzpla is not; however, when it is mixed with a liquid, it regains its toxicity as a contact poison, so even spilling a liquid containing a small amount of zhizpla on skin is fatal.

Origin & Source

Zhirzpla is made by mixing Southern Mottled Venom Toad Poison, wax from the Wax Rose bush, and venom from certain poisonous asps found in The Great Equatorial Desert using a formula and techniques known only to the Shadows of The Night of Apopshe.

Life & Expiration

Zhirzpla is stable and does not deteriorate at normal temperatures.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Zhirzpla has only one use - as a poison in assassinations. It can be mixed with tree resin and used to coat darts or ground to a fine powder that can be poured into a drink, mixed with food, or even added to incense or thrown into a fire.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Only the Shadows of the The Night of Apopshe know how to make or use zhirzpla. On missions, they usually carry two or three small metal tubes filled with it in a pouch or even worked into an ornamental necklace. Upon seeing a Drow wearing a necklace with zhirzpla tubes worked into it, other Drow will be very sure not to cross her.

Manufacturing & Products

The process and formula for making zhirzpla from its raw ingredients is a closely guarded secret of The Night of Apopshe.
Pleasant, like that of rose petals
Slightly sweet and pleasant, but with a bitter aftertaste
White with a slightly pink tint
Boiling / Condensation Point
Melting / Freezing Point

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