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Correidrax te Saiyel

Correidrax te Saiyel (a.k.a. Correidrax the Bronze, Corrie Sullivan)

Correidrax te Saiyel (Correidrax the Bronze) is an adult female bronze Derkorim. She is about 120 years old, well into adulthood. In Human form, she uses the name Corrie Sullivan and appears to be about 25 years old. Her lair is in a cave along the coast of The Dragon's Tail, accessible only from a single underwater entrance.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Both in dragon form and in human form, Correidrax te Saiyel is in excellent physical condition. In dragon form, she is about 30 feet (9 meters) long and weighs about 11,000 lbs (5000 kg). In Human form, she is 5'8" (173 cm) tall and weighs 115 lbs (52 kg). As a dragon, she is strong and agile, swift both flying and swimming.

Facial Features

Correidrax te Saiyel's most prominent facial feature, while in Human form, are her large, clear green eyes.

Apparel & Accessories

In Human form, Corrie Sullivan usually wears functional, utilitarian, sturdy clothes suitable for gathering herbs and medicinal plants in wet, swampy environments. She wears tall, waterproof boots and fine woolen, linen, and silk clothes that dry quickly while keeping her warm.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The lair of Correidrax te Saiyel (Correidrax the Bronze) is in a cave about 90 miles (145 km) northeast of Little Bay Village (Xomanmuro). Her lair is accessible only through a single underwater entrance at the base of a rocky outcropping projecting into The Dragon's Tail. It is well-hidden from curious and prying eyes and protected by powerful magical wards she has placed.   Though her lair is comfortable and well-protected, as a gregarious and curious Saiyel Derkorim, Correidrax te Saiyel spends much of her time shape-shifted into Human form as her alter-ego, Corrie Sullivan, a beautiful and skilled herbalist. She maintains a residence in Xomanmuro. She often travels into the Dragon's Tail Swamp to gather herbs and medicinal plants that she sells and trades to apothecaries and healers. The earnings from her sales and trading are added to her considerable hoard. There are only a few brave enough to hunt or gather in Dragon's Tail Swamp, and of them all she is the most successful. She is not bothered by the many dangers of the swamp; the other hunters and gatherers of Xomanmuro don't understand why - not knowing that she is, in fact, a powerful dragon.   Like other Saiyel Derkorim, Correidrax te Saiyel aligns with The Elysium, especially with the precepts of the Safirim, Baiyamuta, promoting justice, fairness, and order. Covertly, she protects Xomanmuro and does not tolerate criminal behavior there. More than one criminal has come to an abrupt end after offending her innate sense of justice and fairness, without anyone else knowing what happened.   As part of what she considers her duties, Correidrax te Saiyel prevents the worst of the evils of the Dragon's Tail Swamp from reaching or entering Xomanmuro. The Mirra Hagirim and Sei Hagirim of the swamp rightly fear her.  
Corrie Sullivan hiked along the road - though it could barely be called a road - into the Dragon's Tail Swamp heading south from Xomanmuro, her home while in Human form. It was evening. Night would be falling in a couple of hours, though that wouldn't stop her from continuing her journey to gather some Wax Rose branches and flowers and other valuable and medicinal plants. She could see perfectly well in full darkness.   As she rounded a bend in the trail at the northern edge of the marshes, she saw a young Human woman, weeping miserably. As she approached, the young woman hurried toward her, crying out, "Please help me! Please! My poor daughter wandered off the trail into the bog, and she's lost! Please help me find her. I thought I heard her calling, just over that way." The woman gestured toward the west of the path, deeper into the swamp, "You look like you know the swamps. Please help me find her!"   Corrie Sullivan answered, "Of course, I will help you find her! We can't leave her alone in these treacherous swamps. There all all sorts of dangers here. Show me where you heard her."   The young woman said, "I think she was just over this way," picking her way along less marshy areas deeper into the swamp, with Corrie trailing behind.   "She's just a little further - at least that's where I heard her calling, I think," said the young woman.   "Okay," said Corrie, "Let's find her as soon as we can!" They headed deeper into the swamps. The air turned cold and thick fog surrounded them. Suddenly, right in front of her eyes, the young woman changed form, looking like a horribly ugly old woman. She was a Mirra Hagirim!   The hag cackled, "Now I've caught my dinner for this evening! I think you'll make a very fine stew with lots of tasty, tender morsels! Wait right there, little rose!" She cast a spell, and vines and roots rose up from the grounds, ensnaring Corrie, preventing her from moving...   ...or so the Hagirim thought. Corrie Sullivan shape-shifted to her native Derkorim form. The hag was frozen in abject fear, eyes wide at the terrifying sight of the huge dragon just a few feet away. Correidrax said to the Hagirim, "Yes, come to think of it. I am getting hungry, too." She lunged, and tore the Hagirim's head from its body. It tasted terrible. She vowed then and there never to eat a Hagirim again. It was better just to incinerate them and be done with it.


Correidrax te Saiyel was educated by her mother and father, Reillidrax te Saiyel and Migorredrax te Saiyel, with whom she was very close. She is well-versed in magical arts, and speaks Derkkou, Sudkou, and Elvrimkou very well. Even in Human form as Corrie Sullivan, she is a formidable fighter, with superhuman strength, reflexes, and resistance to magic.


Though she has no need for employment, Correidrax te Saiyel works as a herbalist and gatherer, maintaining her identity as Corrie Sullivan in Xomanmuro. Doing so amuses her, giving her opportunities to socialize with Human and Elvirim people, and even the occasional Dwarvirim. The Elvirim she interacts with often know that she is not just another young Human woman, and some are able to sense that she is actually a Derkorim; though, they are wise enough not to say so.

Mental Trauma

When she was still a young dragon, about 50 years old, Correidrax te Saiyel's mother and father, Reillidrax te Saiyel and Migorredrax te Saiyel, were attacked and killed by a flight of Haka Derkorim (Red Dragons) from The Jumble (Humlum) as they flew over the Great Eastern Mountains, leaving Correidrax orphaned and alone. She sought solace with her Human friends and companions at the time, but she could not reveal the true nature of her loss and sadness, and so their ability to comfort her was limited. Still suffering from that loss and filled with anger, she has vowed to inflict justice on all of the evil Haka Derkorim.

Intellectual Characteristics

Correidrax te Saiyel, while not necessarily brilliant by Derkorim standards, is much more intelligent than any normal Human or Elvirim, the equal of most Human Magi. Like other Bronze Dragons, she is curious and gregarious. She has made a friend in Zyredrax te Saiyel, a young bronze dragon that makes his lair near Hakabanda. Like Correidrax, Zyredrax lost his parents, and so she feels protective towards him and keeps watch over him surreptitiously.

Morality & Philosophy

Like other Saiyel Derkorim, Correidrax has a strong and innate sense of justice and fairness. She hates evil and bullying and does what she can to oppose it and bring perpetrators to justice. She aligns with The Elysium, especially to Baiyamuta.

Personality Characteristics


Correidrax te Saiyel is motivated by her innate sense of justice, fairness, and order, and also by her hatred of all Haka Derkorim (Red Dragons).

Wealth & Financial state

Correidrax te Saiyel has accumulated a significant hoard from her earnings as an herbalist and gatherer, gifts from admirers, the hoards of a couple of Red Dragons she has eliminated, and inheriting the hoards of her parents after they were killed.
Correidrax te Seiyel
by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
Correidrax te Saiyel
Correidrax te Saiyel in Human Form
Correidrax te Saiyel in Human Form by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
Correidrax te Saiyel in Human Form as Corrie Sullivan
Year of Birth
9040 120 Years old
Derkorim or Human female
In Derkorim form, large, copper-colored. In Human form, large, beautiful green.
Long, thick, wavy brown/bronze
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Metallic bronze scales or flawless, bronze skin
5'8" (173 cm)
~11000 lbs (5000 kg) or 115 lbs (52 kg)
Known Languages

Cover image: by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)


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