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Dragon's Tail Swamp

Dragon's Tail Swamp (Derkwei Sashi) lies on the coast of southwestern Senyon on the shores of The Dragon's Tail, the large bay at the center of Senyon that extends north from the eastern Black Dragon Sea. Dragon's Tail Swamp is part of the much larger Impassable Jungle, which is called "Myria Sashi" in the Sudkou language. The coast road between Little Bay Village (Xomanmuro) and Swamp's End (Sashimoa) passes through Dragon's Tail Swamp, often nothing more than an overgrown track barely above the brackish, fetid waters.


Dragon's Tail Swamp lies on the eastern edge of the larger Impassable Jungle, of which it is a small but significant part. It is made up up brackish saltwater marshes, fens, bogs, quicksand pits, mangrove swamps, and jungles extending inland about 25 miles from the coast of the Dragon's Tail, the large bay extending north from the easternmost part of the Black Dragon Sea. The southern edge of Dragon's Tail Swamp is roughly 100 miles northeast of Jungle's End (Sashimoa). The northern edge is about 250 miles southwest of Little Bay Village (Xomanmuro). Along its longest axis, from northeast to southwest, Dragon's Tail Swamp is 150 to 200 miles across, depending on the seasonal water levels and tides.


Dragon's Tail Swamp is crawling with deadly and poisonous plant and animal life. Groves of wax rose bushes, some the size of large trees, are common, their intoxicating, sweet scent and beautiful flowers deluding travelers into believing that they are in a safe and beautiful place, when in fact, they are in grave, grave danger. Other parts of the swamp hide pits full of quicksand and deep bogs waiting to drown anyone that falls in. There are thickets of thorny brambleberries that produce no fruit, nettles, poison oak, poison ivy, poison hemlock, hogweed, and nightshade. Even brushing against one of those noxious plants can cause rashes, irritation, and in the worst case, death. Poisonous snakes, toads, spiders, and insects, including furmites, wasps, hornets, and poisonous ants abound. There are large carnivores, like jaguars, panthers, and tigers, hiding in the undergrowth and lower branches waiting to strike.

Ecosystem Cycles

The swamps of Dragon's Tail Swamp grow and shrink with the seasons and the tides. During dry months, the water level in the swamps and marshes falls, making travel somewhat easier; though, "easier" is relative. It is still incredibly difficult and dangerous. During wet months, the water level rises, submerging parts of the road and making the swamp practically impassable.

Localized Phenomena

The natural flora and fauna of Dragon's Tail Swamp make it incredibly dangerous to all but the most experience, prepared, and cautious traveler, but in addition, the foul, noxious swamp is permeated with malignant, malevolent magic, the result of a coven of Mirra Hagirim and Sei Hagirim making it their home. Their twisted, sinister hostility pervades the bogs and fens, drawing the emptiness and evil of The Void to it. Dragon's Tail Swamp is in a semi-tropical area along the coast of the Dragon's Tail, but it is alternately filled with cold, clinging mists and hot, humid vapors, as Void energies clash with the essential nature of the environment. Spells cast by Magi may go terribly awry, leaving the caster helpless, injured, or even dead.   The Mirra Hagirim of the coven at times lurk near the road seeking victims, posing as lost or hurt young women. Those falling prey to their evil schemes are never seen again.

Natural Resources

Within Dragon's Tail Swamp, there are plants and animals that produce substances of great value rarely found anywhere else in the world. Some species of jungle trees provide beautiful, durable lumber for furniture, musical instruments, and decorative objects. Pelts and furs from some animals are used in making luxurious and expensive clothing and bed covers. Other plants and animals are the source of substances used in medicines, makeup, and other products. Nearly all travel within Dragon's Tail Swamp is by people hunting and gathering the plants and animals that provide those valuable substances. It is a very high-risk business; only the potential for very high rewards make venturing into the swamps worthwhile at all.
Derkwei Sashi in southwest Senyon
Derkwei Sashi by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
Derkwei Sashi, the Dragon's Tail Swamp, in southwestern Senyon

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Cover image: by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)


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