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Amalie Nilsson

Amalie Nilsson

Amalie Nilsson is (or rather, was) a stablemaid in the imperial stables of Liliakinyosa, the imperial palace in Sendoshi, the capital city of Senyon. She is the younger sister of Lady Britta Nilsson. Where her older sister is quiet, obedient, and sensible, Amalie is boisterous, impetuous, and sometimes flighty and emotional. She loves to laugh loudly, take unnecessary risks, and has grandiose ideas and dreams. But despite her unruly behavior, Amalie is very intelligent. Her behavior often appears to others as bizarre or wild, but often it is actually calculated and shrewd.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Amalie Nilsson is tall, beautiful, graceful, and relatively strong. Her work in the imperial stables has maintained her slender figure, but since being assigned to work in the laundry, the skin of her hands has gotten rough and started to crack in places.

Facial Features

Amalie has long, thick, golden blond hair she usually keeps braided and large, bright blue eyes. Of all the women in Liliakinyosa, only her and her sister, Lady Britta, have blond hair and blue eyes, features that are almost unknown in Senyon.

Special abilities

Amalie is adept at caring for horses and other animals and an expert equestrian, skills she learned from a young age traveling with her father's caravan.

Apparel & Accessories

Amalie wears the standard clothing issued to low-ranking maids of the imperial palace, but her sister, Lady Britta Nilsson, has given her some small bits of jewelry that she occasionally wears. Lady Britta has been careful not to give Amalie any clothes or jewelry that are expensive or ornate, as she wants to prevent Amalie from being the target of other girls any more than she already is.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Amalie's father was the master of a caravan operating out of Danyund, traveling down the road along the western coast of Danyund, into Voatyon, Teiyon, over the pass at Vobir through The Great Western Mountains into Da Therasti Okku and along the road at the base of the Great Southern Range to points east toward and into Senyon.   When she was 15 years old, while traveling along the southern road near Korradamuro, the caravan was attacked by a bandit gang from Korrada Okii (the Korrada Hills). Most of the people of the caravan were killed, including Amalie's parents and older brother. Amalie and her older sister, Britta, were captured and sold to pirates of The Red Flag Fleet. Hsing Jenlee, having once been in a similar predicament, sympathized with the two sisters. She sent them to Sendoshi and arranged for them to meet Six. Six had them brought into the palace as stablemaids, as they had worked with horses and other animals in the caravan. While working as a stablemaid caring for the horses of Emperor Yixing-Jiumin Jinsen and Crown Prince Yixing-Jiumin Jinhai, Amalie became the secret love interest of the Crown Prince.

Amalie Nilsson danced around the stable, singing to the horses and often stopping to pet and kiss them as she worked. Despite the trauma she had suffered, she was a happy girl that loved to laugh, joke, dance, and sing. As beautiful as her older sister, Lady Britta Nilsson, but nearly her complete opposite in outlook and behavior, Amalie Nilsson had many admirers in the palace, but also many detractors. Most all of the imperial consorts, concubines, and princesses hated her, considering her vulgar, brash, and crude, especially after "the incident" involving a bucket of horse dung "accidentally" knocked over onto the dainty silk shoes of some noble girls that had been ridiculing Amalie, humiliating them and the princesses they were visiting, Princess Jintu and Princess Jinsam. Amalie had been made to kneel in front of the stables for a day as punishment, but she didn't care. They had deserved it, and the look of horror on the faces of those stuck-up girls when their prissy shoes were ruined was completely worth it.   From behind the stable doors, Crown Prince Yixing-Jiumin Jinhai watched Amalie dance, utterly captivated by her grace and her melodic voice. She was tall and lithe, taller than any of the princesses or concubines, with long legs, a thin waist and full bust. She stopped to whisper something to his horse, Raskyel, then laughed raucously at her own joke. Raskyel snorted, seeming to laugh along with her.   Jinhai watched her work for some time, gathering the courage to approach her. Seven, the Crown Prince's personal assistant and constant companion, whispered, "Just go talk to her, Sire. She's just a stable girl! Frankly, I don't know what you even see in her. The other girls all hate her. Well, except her sister, of course." Jinhai said, "Shut up, Seven. What do you know? She's incredible." Seven was right, of course. She was just a stable girl, and he's the crown prince. He stepped out from behind the door and into the stable, and said "Uh, er. Um. Hello?" Then he blushed furiously. He was making a fool of himself in front of a stable maid.   Amalie whirled around, startled. She exclaimed, "Your Majesty! I didn't see you come in!" And then she winked at him, smiling. She'd known he was there all along, and she knew he came to watch her often. But this was the first time he'd actually said anything to her. She curtseyed and said, "What can I do for you, Your Highness?," just a bit slyly and playfully.   Jinhai said, "Oh, uh. Well. I just came to check on my horse, you know. To make sure he's being properly fed and cared for. Right. That's all. That's why I came."   Amalie said, teasing him gently, "Ohhh. I see. I suppose that's why you came yesterday and the day before, too, but never came into the stables?"   Jinhai blushed even more and said, "No. Of course not. Those times, I was.... How did you...? No. Of course I was... Those were, uh, inspections of the stables. Yes. Part of my regular duties, you see."   Amalie was touched by his shyness. She said, suddenly serious, "I take care of Raskyel best of all, you know. He's my favorite." Jinhai answered, just as sincerely, "I know. I've seen." They looked at each other deeply for a moment.   Seven, with his usual tact (or lack thereof), hissed, "Sire! Your Highness! Your sister! Your sister is here!"   Jinhai, momentarily preoccupied, said, "What? My sister?" Oh, no. This was bad. His younger sister, Princess Yixing-Jiumin Jintu came into the stable, full of herself as usual. She already hated Amalie. "Jinhai! So here's where you've been sneaking off to lately! Spending time with this slut? I suppose she's good for a quick roll in the hay, but if she gets knocked up, grandmother and father will have your head, you know. Well, actually, it will be her head!" Jintu laughed evilly.   Jinhai flushed and retorted, "Shut up, Tu! It's nothing like that. We've never even talked before!"   Jintu said, rolling her eyes, "Sure. I believe you. This little gold digger thinks she can climb up like her slut sister did. At least her sister knows how to behave. This little dungheap deserves nothing but a slow, painful death. And I'll laugh while she dies."   Jinhai, utterly disgusted by his younger sister's arrogance and hostility, said to her, "Just shut up and get out, Tu. Why are you always so mean to everyone?"   Jintu turned on her heels and stomped out of the stables. Looking over her shoulder as she left, Jintu sneered, "Just you wait, Jinhai. Your little pet will be dead and gone soon. Get ready, little slut! Now the fun begins!"   Amalie, terrified, said, "I didn't do anything to her! Why does she hate me?" Jinhai said, "She's just like that. Spoiled and mean and jealous. Maybe because everyone likes Jinyat more than her, and Jinyat is just better than her at everything. It definitely didn't help that you humiliated her and her friends, though. She'll never let that go."   Mortified, Amalie, said, "You know about that?" Jinhai replied, "Of course I do. Everyone does. It caused some trouble for your sister, you know. She pleaded with father, so you only had to kneel for that one day. It would have been a lot worse for you if she hadn't. Anyway, you aren't very popular with the other girls right now, to put it mildly."   Amalie was really scared. Some of the imperial family could be so arbitrary and vindictive. She said, "But she wants me killed! Just for that one thing!" Jinhai said, "Don't worry, Amalie. Can I call you Amalie? I'll try to protect you. And your sister will, of course." In Senyon, calling someone just by their given name is considered quite intimate. Amalie said, "I...I...I don't know if that's a good idea right now. But thank you, Your Highness. I will take good care of Raskyel. He's still my favorite. Always."   Crown Prince Yixing-Jiumin Jinhai, stung by her small rejection, feeling a little hurt and afraid of the trouble Jintu could cause, said, "Come on, Seven. Let's go. I need to talk to Six and my father." He turned and left the stables, heading for The Hall of the Imperial Presence. He had to protect Amalie.

"Kneel!" Empress Dowager Fuschiayan Shenlisa yelled at Amalie. Amalie dropped to her knees and pressed her forehead to the floor in terror. She had a pretty good idea why she had been summoned before the Empress and the Empress Dowager, and clearly the old lady was in a foul mood. Amalie knew one wrong word could get her flogged to death or worse. It was two days after she had talked with the Crown Prince in the stables. She'd barely been able to sleep for those two days, worried sick that this moment would come.   The Empress Dowager screamed at her, "So you think you can marry my grandson? Is that it? You think you can become the next Empress? You aren't worthy of him, you little slut! We know what you've been doing! Jintu saw you herself! Meeting with him in secret! Flirting with him in your filthy stables and doing who knows what else! If you're pregnant, I'll beat you to death myself!"   Amalie dared to raise her head a little, and started to say, choking on tears, "Empress, it isn't like that! I never..."   "Silence!" The Empress Dowager raged. "I didn't ask you to speak! Slap her!" One of the Empress Dowager's attendants grabbed Amalie by the hair, pulling her head up, and slapped her hard on the mouth. Amalie's head rang, and she tasted blood.   Empress Nehualu Hanna said soothingly, "Mother, perhaps we should let her speak and tell her side of the story. After all, she is Lady Britta's sister. And Jinsen is quite fond of Britta."   The Empress Dowager retorted hotly, "I am not interested in what she has to say, Hanna. Jintu saw them together. She's after my grandson and thinks she can be the next empress, and I say no foreign commoner will ever be an empress of the Great Sacred Empire! Guards! Take this slut out and beat her to death! And take your time killing her. I want it to be painful!" Amalie, utterly shocked by the surreal unfairness of what was happening to her, gasped and started to sob uncontrollably.   Just then the door attendant called out, "The Emperor has arrived! The Crown Prince has arrived! Lady Britta has arrived! Princess Jintu has arrived!"   Emperor Yixing-Jiumin Jinsen, followed by Six, Crown Prince Yixing-Jiumin Jinhai, Seven, Lady Britta Nilsson, Princess Yixing-Jiumin Jintu, and one of the imperial doctors came into the Empress Dowager's audience hall.   The Emperor said, "Good day, mother. My Empress. I hear there has been a misunderstanding that we need to correct."   The Empress Dowager retorted, "There is no misunderstanding, Jinsen! This slut thinks she will be the next empress. It will not happen! She might be pregnant already! She must be killed!"   Crown Prince Jinhai could not contain himself, "Grandmother! That is impossible! I have never even spoken to her until two days ago and that was the only time! I swear it!" The Emperor waved his hand at him to shut up. Jinhai abruptly closed his mouth.   The Emperor said, "Doctor, would you please examine Amalie Nilsson? Is she pregnant?" Lady Britta Nilsson went over and helped her younger sister, Amalie, to her feet. She was still sobbing and could barely stand, she was so frightened. The doctor motioned her to sit down, and he examined her pulse at her wrist, listening carefully to it with his well-trained fingertips. He said, "Emperor, Your Highnesses, Amalie Nilsson is most definitely not pregnant."   "Thank you, Doctor. You may go," the Emperor said. The doctor left. The Emperor said, "Six, do you have anything to report?" "Yes, Your Majesty," said Six. "We have, as usual, monitored the Crown Prince's whereabouts and with whom he meets. I can verify the Crown Prince's statement that two days ago was the first and only time that the Crown Prince and Amalie Nilsson have spoken. They have had no other relations."   "Jintu," the Emperor continued, "Yesterday morning, you told your mother and grandmother that Jinhai did not want to meet any of the noble girls because he is having a romantic affair with Amalie Nilsson. Is that right?"   "Yes, father. I know it's true! He..." The Emperor interrupted her, "No such thing happened, Jintu. You know that. Jinhai told you about the campaign I have ordered Jinhai to lead, yes?" Jintu said, "Yes, but I saw..."   Cutting off Jintu, looking at all of them, one-by-one, the Emperor said, "You heard what the doctor and Six said! And it was my personal command that he lead the campaign. He does not need any distractions from that, for any reason. So, Jinhai's reasoning for avoiding meeting any young women right now was correct, and he has my complete support. He will not be attending any tea parties now, nor will he be meeting any stable maids. Am I perfectly clear? Jinhai, do you agree?"   "Yes, father, As you command," said the Crown Prince.   The Emperor said, "Amalie Nilsson. You have made mistakes, but they were innocent ones, I believe. I wish you to be more like your sister, as a proper young woman of Senyon should be. For now, the stables are not a suitable place for you. You will work at the Imperial Laundry until I am satisfied you are mature enough for more important responsibilities. Six, arrange it." Six replied, "Yes, Sire."   Amalie started to speak up, pleading, "But the horses. Raskyel..." Her sister squeezed her arm hard and shushed her in their native Nodkou, "Be quiet for once!" Amalie shushed for once.   The Emperor went on, "As for you, Jintu. Your older brother's dealings and affairs are none of your business! You will not be spying on him or tattling on him ever again. Is that clear? You are confined to the inner court of the the Palace of Imperial Beauty where your mother can keep an eye on you until I say otherwise, and your stipend is stopped for three months. You will reflect on how jealousy, envy, and vindictiveness poison family relationships and can even bring down an empire. You will write a report with your thoughts to be presented to me in one month. It must not be late! Now go before I add to your punishment!" Jintu scurried out, glaring at Amalie.   The Emperor went on, "Seven, if any of the princesses interfere with Jinhai's business, or if he is distracted from carrying out my commands by anyone, most especially certain former stable maids, I want to know about it. Understood?"   "Yes, Your Majesty," Seven answered.   The Emperor continued, "Royal Mother, Empress, I trust that this matter is closed. Amalie Nilsson is under my protection. No one is allowed to punish her without my permission, and anyone that bullies her will be punished. I have decreed it! Six, get her out of here."   Six replied, "Yes, Sire. Amalie Nilsson, come with me." They left the Empress Dowager's audience hall.   The Emperor said, "This entire matter is beyond reprehensible. Mother, you sought to kill the girl without reliable evidence, and Empress, you allowed it. Jintu made unfounded accusations against her brother and interfered in matters that were none of her business. It is unacceptable! Perhaps Annelia or Yilia is better suited to manage the Inner Palace. I will discuss it with the Court. Good day to you both." The Emperor turned and left, followed by the Crown Prince, Lady Britta, and Seven.   Behind him, the Empress sat, mortified. The Emperor's threat to remove her as head of the harem was something he had never done before. Was her position that precarious? She had no idea he was so angry and dissatisfied with her. Meanwhile, the Empress Dowager sputtered and fumed. The Emperor also had never scolded her - his own mother! - like that before. The Emperor may have declared the matter over, but it wouldn't be that simple.


Amalie was well-educated by her parents and the troupe of caravan workers employed by her father. She is very well-traveled, having visited many of the countries of Derkomai, something very few of the people of Derkomai have done. She speaks Nodkou natively, but has learned a fair amount of Sudkou, and some snippets of Elvrimkou. She reads and writes Nodkou relatively well, despite being an impatient student, and can read some Sudkou. She can do basic calculations, and has been taught some history and literature of her native Danyund. She is an expert equestrian, and has been taught enough to defend herself adequately with a dagger or shortsword. Due to her wide travels with the caravan, she is adaptable and sensitive to the customs of many cultures.


Amalie Nilsson worked as a stablemaid in the imperial stables, feeding, grooming, and caring for the horses of the imperial cavalry and royalty. Her favorite horse is Raskyel, the stallion of Crown Prince Yixing-Jiumin Jinhai. She now works in the imperial laundry, washing the clothes of the imperial family, as well as the clothes of the servants, guards, and workers in Liliakinyosa.

Mental Trauma

The death of her parents and brother at the hand of bandits attacking their caravan is a tragedy that Amalie and her sister, Lady Britta will never completely overcome. Each girl has compensated in different, but relatively effective ways. Amalie is boisterous, especially by the standards set for women and girls of the Senyon imperial palace. She hides her pain with laughter and flights of fancy and does her best to forget the horrors she has faced. By nature, she is happy and mostly carefree, and she still is, but some deep pain underlies her happy, smiling face.   Amalie also faces jealousy from other maids, princesses, and noble girls of Liliakinyosa and Sendoshi. She is tall, quite striking and beautiful, and her happy, laughing, and open personality make her quite popular with the boys and young men of the imperial palace. Though she is not overtly flirtatious, she likes to talk, laugh, and joke with the people she knows, earning her disdain from the imperial consorts, princesses, and senior maids who consider her behavior outlandish, vulgar, and indecent. Amalie tries to shrug off their jealousy and contemptuous comments, but sometimes she feels them, making her downcast and sad for awhile.

Personality Characteristics


Despite working in the imperial stables and laundry, Amalie takes care of herself as well as she is able. She washes her clothes and bathes as often as she can, but still her face and clothes are usually smudged and streaked with dirt. Even so, the smudges and streaks often seem to accentuate her natural beauty.


Family Ties

All of Amalie's family, other than her sister, Lady Britta Nilsson, were killed in the bandit raid on her father's caravan. The two sisters have relied on and supported one another since then.

Social Aptitude

Amalie Nilsson is very socially adept, in fact, too much so. Her happy, carefree, and open nature (and her natural beauty) have made her very popular with the young men of Liliakinyosa, but drawn the wrath and jealousy of most of the women and girls. Her unconventional personality (by the standards to which women and girls of the Senyon imperial palace are expected to conform) also makes her a target for accusations of being promiscuous and a social climber. In fact, she is neither.

Hobbies & Pets

Amalie loves animals, especially horses. Her favorite of all the horses in the imperial stables where she worked, before being assigned to the laundry, is Raskyel, Crown Prince Yixing-Jiumin Jinhai's horse.

Wealth & Financial state

Amalie Nilsson is basically destitute, though her sister, Lady Britta, helps provide for her needs, giving her a bit of money now and then while trying to avoid making the other maids even more jealous of her.
Year of Birth
9144 16 Years old
Danhabn, Danyund
Large, blue
Long, golden blond, usually braided
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Flawless, pale, with slightly ruddy cheeks
5'9" (175.25 cm)
129 lbs (58.5 kg)
Known Languages
Nodkou, natively
Sudkou, relatively well
A few random words of Elvrimkou

Cover image: by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
Character Portrait image: Amalie Nilsson, a stablemaid in Liliakinyosa by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)


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