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Princess Yixing-Jiumin Jintu

Princess Jintu Yixing-Jiumin (a.k.a. Tu)

Princess Yixing-Jiumin Jintu is the second daughter of Emperor Yixing-Jiumin Jinsen, daughter of Empress Nehualu Hanna, and younger full sister of Crown Prince Yixing-Jiumin Jinhai. Princess Jintu is jealous of her older sister, Princess Yixing-Jiumin Jinyat. Being the daughter of the Empress has made Princess Jintu arrogant, and her insecurity about her own worth and abilities has made her mean and intolerant. She looks down on and ill-treats anyone of lower status than her, especially maids and servants, and she is vindictive and vengeful toward anyone she believes has wronged her.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Princess Jintu has the best medical care and food that is available in Senyon, so she is in good physical health. She does not exercise or take part in any significant physical activities, though, so she is relatively weak, even compared to most young women of her size and age.

Facial Features

Princess Jintu is quite pretty, but not considered by most to be as pretty as her older sister, Princess Yixing-Jiumin Jinyat. This has caused Jintu to be jealous of her older sister (along with the fact that Jinyat is more talented and a better student).

Apparel & Accessories

Unconsciously compensating for her insecurities, Princess Jintu always dresses in the finest and most stylish clothes that can be had in Senyon. Her hair is also always elaborately styled and pinned in beautiful and expensive hairpieces, and she she is expertly made up. She is never seen in public wearing casual clothes or without makeup.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Yixing-Jiumin Jintu is the second daugher of Emperor Yixing-Jiumin Jinsen and Empress Nehualu Hanna's second child, after Crown Prince Yixing-Jiumin Jinhai. She is four years younger than the Crown Prince and two years younger than her older sister, Princess Yixing-Jiumin Jinyat.   As the Empress's daughter, Jintu has been spoiled from infancy, so she has grown up believing herself to be superior to most everyone else, but the reality is that her older sister, Jinyat, is far more intelligent, talented, and likeable. Jintu is very aware of this, though she won't admit it, and it has made Jintu jealous and vindictive toward anyone that she thinks is a challenge to her. Most recently, her target has been Amalie Nilsson, the younger sister of Lady Britta Nilsson. Amalie is a stable maid and works in the imperial laundry, so actually poses no threat to Jintu, except that Jintu's older brother is infatuated with Amalie for her beauty and adorable personality, and Amalie once humiliated Jintu in front of her friends. Jintu is not one to forgive a slight, so she especially despises Amalie.


Princess Jintu has been well educated, but is an indifferent student, believing schoolwork to be for bookworms and lackeys, and therefore, beneath her. Nevertheless, she has some knowledge. She reads and writes Sudkou well and can do basic calculations. She has learned some history of Senyon. The one area in which she excels is imperial etiquette, so she is loved by the Empress Dowager Fuschiayan Shenlisa and popular with many of the consorts and concubines in the harem, but few others in the palace.

Personality Characteristics


Princess Jintu is motivated in large part by jealousy and insecurity, which lead her to be arrogant, snobbish, and vindictive. She often harrasses and bullies those weaker or lower in status than her, and is vengeful toward any perceived slight, intended or not.


Princess Jintu is fastidious about hygiene, even by the standards of imperial princesses. She is disgusted by uncleanliness of any sort, and is disdainful of those that are dirty or work at manual labor.


Contacts & Relations

Princess Jintu is deferential, even obsequious toward those of higher status or that have more power than her, but harasses and bullies those weaker, unless they fawn over her. She despises Amalie Nilsson, since Amalie is of far lower status than her, but refuses to fawn over Jintu. Amalie also once humiliated Princess Jintu in front of her friends.

Family Ties

Jintu is jealous of her older, prettier, and more talented sister, Princess Yixing-Jiumin Jinyat. Her younger sister, Princess Yixing-Jiumin Jinsam, looks up to and tries to emulate Jintu, as she is also jealous of Princess Jinyat. With other family members, toward those with more power she is deferential, but usually disrespectful behind their backs. Toward those with less power, she either bullies or ignores. She is only truly respectful of her father, Emperor Yixing-Jiumin Jinsen, her mother, Empress Nehualu Hanna, her grandmother, Empress Dowager Fuschiayan Shenlisa, and somewhat respectful of her older brother, Crown Prince Yixing-Jiumin Jinhai.

Social Aptitude

Princess Jintu is not popular with many in the imperial palace, as she often bullies maids and servants, and even members of the court and other family members. She is haughty and arrogant toward most, but feigns politeness and deference towards those she cannot afford to offend. Jintu understands and follows the rules of imperial etiquette exactly, making her popular with most of the imperial consorts and concubines, and the noble women of Sendoshi. Most of the daughters of the nobility fawn over her, so she has some friends among them; though she actually looks down on most of them, even those more talented than her.

Wealth & Financial state

Princess Jintu's wealth cannot be conventionally measured. As a princess of Senyon, she has everything she needs, and more, provided for her. She receives a sizeable monthly stipend from the imperial treasury, and her mother, Empress Nehualu Hanna, often gifts her with gold, silver, silk, fine cloth, furs, jewelry, and more.
Princess Yixing-Jiumin Jintu, second daughter of Emperor Yixing-Jiumin Jinsen
Princess Yixing-Jiumin Jintu by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
Princess Yixing-Jiumin Jintu, second daughter of Emperor Yixing-Jiumin Jinsen
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Year of Birth
9143 17 Years old
Liliakinyosa, Sendoshi, Senyon
Long, dark brown
Long, straight, black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Clear, pale
5'4" (162.5 cm)
94 lbs (42.6 kg)

Cover image: by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)


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