Lady Britta Nilsson

Lady Britta Nilsson (a.k.a. Lady of Golden Beauty)

Lady Britta Nilsson is the Lady of Golden Beauty in the imperial harem of Emperor Yixing-Jiumin Jinsen. Her younger sister is Amalie Nilsson.

Lady Britta is known not only for her beauty, but also for her perfect demeanor: quiet, obedient, and sensible.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Britta Nilsson is tall, beautiful, graceful, and relatively strong, though she is more delicate than her younger sister, Amalie. As one of the Emperor's favorite women, she is pampered by maids and has the best food and medical care that can be had in Senyon, so she is very healthy most of the time. She is prone to occasional small colds and sniffles.

Facial Features

Britta has long, thick, golden blond hair that her maids elaborately and beautfully style and large, bright blue eyes. Of all the women in Liliakinyosa, only her and her sister, Amalie, have blond hair and blue eyes, features that are almost unknown in Senyon.

Apparel & Accessories

Lady Britta is dressed in the finest clothing that Senyon can provide (which are the finest anywhere in the world). She wears fine silk, cotton, wool, and luxurious furs every day.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Lady Britta's father was the master of a caravan operating out of Danyund, traveling down the road along the western coast of Danyund, into Voatyon, Teiyon, over the pass at Vobir through The Great Western Mountains into Da Therasti Okku and along the road at the base of the Great Southern Range to points east toward and into Senyon.   When she was 17 years old, while traveling along the southern road near Korradamuro, the caravan was attacked by a bandit gang from Korrada Okii (the Korrada Hills). Most of the people of the caravan were killed, including Britta's parents and older brother. Britta Nilsson and her younger sister, Amalie, were captured and sold to pirates of The Red Flag Fleet. Hsing Jenlee, having once been in a similar predicament, sympathized with the two sisters and sent them to Sendoshi and arranged for them to meet Six. Six had them brought into the palace as stablemaids, as they had worked with horses and other animals in the caravan. While exercising one of the imperial horses on the cavalry grounds, Emperor Yixing-Jiumin Jinsen saw her riding and was immediately smitten with her unusual (for Senyon) golden hair, blue eyes, and tall, slender figure. He brought her into the harem as a Lady of Talent, and she became one of the emperor's favorites. She was soon promoted to the rank of "Lady of Outstanding Beauty" with the title "Lady of Golden Beauty."


Britta Nilsson was well-educated by her parents and the troupe of caravan workers employed by her father. She is very well-traveled, having visited many of the countries of Derkomai, something very few of the people of Derkomai have done. She speaks Nodkou natively, and can speak Sudkou well, though with an accent, and can speak some Elvrimkou. She reads and writes Nodkou quite well and can read Sudkou well. She can do basic calculations, and has been taught the history and literature of her native Danyund. She is an expert equestrian, and has been taught enough to defend herself adequately with a dagger or shortsword, though she is naturally more timid than her younger sister, Amalie Nilsson. Due to her wide travels with the caravan, she is adaptable and sensitive to the customs of many cultures.

Mental Trauma

The death of her parents and brother at the hand of bandits attacking their caravan is a tragedy that Lady Britta and her younger sister, Amalie Nilsson, will never completely overcome. Each girl has compensated in different, but relatively effective ways. Britta is reserved, serious, studious, responsible, and somewhat timid. Subconciously, she believes that by being a "good girl," she can avoid or prevent future tragedies. She often scolds her more impetuous, flighty, and outgoing sister, trying to get her to behave properly, as a woman of the Senyon imperial palace should. It seldom works for long.

Personality Characteristics


Lady Britta is bathed, pampered, made up, and dressed by her maids, so she is always clean and dressed in the finest clothes, and her face is beautiful and perfect.


Family Ties

Lady Britta's younger sister and only living family member, Amalie Nilsson, is nearly Britta's total opposite in personality. Amalie's outgoing and somewhat unpredictable behavior has gotten her into trouble more than once, and Lady Britta has done her best to protect her.   Lady Britta, though having a relatively low rank in the imperial harem, is one of Emperor Yixing-Jiumin Jinsen favorites. She is quiet, obedient, and sensible, utterly loyal to the Emperor, grateful to him and to Six for rescuing her and her younger sister from the streets of Sendoshi and taking them into the imperial palace. She has grown to love the Emperor, and he treats her very well, often giving her elaborate or expensive gifts, along with a sizeable monthly stipend.   On the other hand, many of the other imperial consorts and princesses are jealous of her and do their best to undermine her position. They talk behind her back, saying she used her beauty and improper flirtation to seduce the emperor. In fact, the Emperor was fascinated by her and approached her to develop a relationship while she was still a stablemaid. Being naturally somewhat timid, Lady Britta would never have approached the Emperor first.   Britta often feels sad and guilty that she is so much better off than her younger sister, Amalie, and so she gives her some money and small bits of jewelry now and then, while trying not to make Amalie even more a target of jealousy than she already is. Amalie loves and supports her older sister and never seems resentful; though, how long Amalie's heart can remain innocent of envy remains to be seen. It seems likely that other concubines, maids, or princesses would try to drive a wedge between the sisters, taking advantage of their difference in status within the imperial palace.

Social Aptitude

Lady Britta is by nature reserved and timid, but she is by no means socially awkward. She is a pleasant conversationalist, and she is always polite. Her social skills and proper behavior have won the Emperor's admiration and helped her to navigate the treacherous, jealous waters of the imperial harem without suffering any major setbacks - despite having to rescue her younger sister more than once.

Hobbies & Pets

Perhaps the one thing that Lady Britta and Amalie have in common is their love for animals, especially horses. Britta is a gifted equestrian, able to ride, tame, and care for most any horse expertly. Both Britta and Amalie have a near-telepathic connection with their own horses and those they care for.


Lady Britta speaks Sudkou with a fairly strong Nodkou accent.

Wealth & Financial state

Lady Britta's wealth cannot be conventionally measured. As a concubine of Emperor Yixing-Jiumin Jinsen, she has everything she needs, and more, provided for her. She receives a sizeable monthly stipend from the imperial treasury, and the Emperor often gifts her with gold, silver, silk, fine cloth, furs, jewelry, and more.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lady of Golden Beauty
Year of Birth
9142 18 Years old
Danhabn, Danyund
Current Residence
Large, blue
Long, golden blond
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Flawless, pale
5'8" (173cm)
118 lbs (53.5 kg)
Known Languages
Nodkou, natively
Sudkou, quite well, though she speaks with an accent
A few random words of Elvrimkou

Cover image: by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
Character Portrait image: Lady Britta Nilsson, Lady of Perfect Beauty by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)


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