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Cao Qigong

Qigong Cao (a.k.a. Seven)

Cao Qigong, usually known as "Seven," is the personal assistant and bodyguard of Crown Prince Yixing-Jiumin Jinhai. He is also the protege of Six, Ginginya Liu-Er, the personal assistant and bodyguard of Emperor Yixing-Jiumin Jinsen, chief eunuch of the imperial palace, Liliakinyosa, and head of the Ministry of Imperial Security and Household. Cao Qigong is expected to take over the positions currently held by Six when the Crown Prince becomes the next emperor, though some in the imperial court favor promoting one of the servants with ties to the nobility to those positions. The Crown Prince himself plans to promote Seven when he takes the throne, regardless of what the court ministers might say.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Seven is in excellent physical condition. His naturally robust physique and intense training in martial arts at Xosuyel Vold Monastery starting at a very young age, plus his additional training by the expert martial arts instructors at Liliakinyosa and access to the finest medical care and food to be had in Senyon have made Seven a very healthy individual: strong, flexible, and very rarely ill in any way. He has excellent hand-eye coordination, can run quickly and for long distances, and is a master of several martial arts.

Special abilities

Seven practices the Gasyendithite meditation called "centering," which allows him to be extremely calm and focused in highly emotional and dangerous situations, and even to resist some forms of magic.

Apparel & Accessories

Seven wears the finest clothing that is available in Senyon made from fine silk, cotton, wool, and leather.

Specialized Equipment

Seven nearly always wears a high-quality steel longsword in a scabbard at his side. Under his clothes, Seven keeps a finely-made steel dagger. On military camaigns, he wears the finest quality leather and scale mail armor, wears a steel helmet, and carries, along with his sword, a bow and quiver of arrows, and a halberd with a steel blade.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Cao Qigong, "Seven," was an orphan left at the front gates of Xosuyel Vold when he was an infant. Raised as a monk of the Gasyendithites in the monastery and martial arts school there for the next fourteen years, he became an expert fighter, highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat and with longsword, longbow and crossbow, pike, and spear.   Six rapped on the main gate of Xosuyel Vold Monastery, high in the mountains of eastern Senyon. It had taken him several weeks to travel there from Sendoshi. After a couple of minutes, a Gasyendithite monk opened the gate door. Seeing the imperial robes that Six was wearing, the monk quickly surmised that Six was someone important and said, "Greetings, sir. What may the monks of Gasyenditha do for you?" Six replied, "I must speak to your leader. The Emperor has a request for him." The monk said, "We do not have a leader as you might understand it, but I can let you speak with some of our senior monks, if you would like." Six said, "I suppose that will have to do. Take me to them." The monk said, "Please, follow me."   Leading Six through the gate and deeper into the monastery, Six followed the monk to a room within a smaller building where several older monks were meditating or busy with other activities. Within the monastery, it was quiet, though he could hear the sound of voices speaking softly now and then, and he heard the sound of some young monks exercising in the courtyard.   The monk said, "Brothers, we have a visitor from the Emperor." That got the attention of the monks in the room. They stopped what they were doing and gathered around him. One of the older monks, seemingly the most senior, spoke up, "What brings you to us today, sir?" Six replied, "Greetings and peace to you all. The Emperor has asked me to come to you with a request." The senior monk said, "Requests from the emperor do not come often. What could he possibly want from us, old men living in these mountains?" Six answered, "In fact, the Emperor has not requested anything from any of you. What he wants is one of them," gesturing toward the door and the courtyard beyond, where the young monks were exercising. Widening his eyes a little, but betraying little emotion, the monk said, "That is an unusual request, indeed. Please go on."   Six explained, "The Emperor's oldest son, Jinhai, has reached the age where he must leave his mother's side and learn the ways of Senyon, its government, and its people. He will begin assisting the Emperor, traveling throughout the country, and even beyond. Though he has been well-trained in martial and literary arts, he needs a companion and protector of his own age, someone that he can trust with his life."   One of the monks spoke up, somewhat suspiciously, "Why come to us for this? Surely there are boys among the nobility that are trained in martial arts. They would also know and understand the politics of the capital far better than any of us." Six replied, "Yes, you are right. But the boys of the nobility have loyalties to their families and clans and have been influenced by the politics you noted. The Emperor needs someone without those family loyalties or influences to accompany and protect the prince. And that is why he asked me to bring his request here. He wants me to bring one of your most capable boys back to the capital for that purpose."   Nodding, the senior monks all seemed to agree with Six's reasoning. The senior monk said, "The Emperor is wise, indeed. Come then. Let us introduce you to some of the boys." The older monks led Six out into the courtyard.   One of the senior monks called out, "Qin Zheng. Shen Huan. Gao Zhenkang. Cao Qigong. Please come over." The four boys, all in their early teen years, stopped their exercises and came over to where the senior monks and Six were standing, their faces impassive. The senior monk said, "These boys are of an appropriate age and are advanced in their training. I think they are capable." Six said, "Excellent. Thank you. I have some tests for them, if I may?" The monk nodded and said, "Please. As long as your tests will bring no harm to the boys." Six said, "Yes, of course." He addressed the four boys, "I am Ginginya Liu-Er, usually known as Six, the chief assistant to the Emperor. He has sent me here with some tests for you. Should you pass my tests, I will have a request for you. My first test is of your skills in hand-to-hand combat. After that, I have some others."   And so, over the next few days, Six tested the four boys, in hand-to-hand combat, combat with weapons, reading, writing, calculation, history of Senyon, and several other areas of knowledge. Of the four, two of the boys, Shen Huan and Cao Qigong, he rated as outstanding, suitable to be the bodyguard of the Emperor's son. He had to make a decision, so he brought the boys into a small meeting room.   "Shen Huan, Cao Qigong. The purpose of these tests was to find someone to become the bodyguard and companion of the Emperor's son, to protect him as he travels, to act as an advisor when he asks for advice, to be unquestionably loyal to him for your entire life no matter the circumstances, and to be willing to protect him with your life should the need arise. It is a heavy responsibility, one that few are qualified to take on, but I believe the two of you are. Would either of you be willing to travel with me to Sendoshi, giving up your life here to become the bodyguard, companion, and servant of a prince, facing the dangers you will find as you accompany him everywhere, and be utterly loyal to him?"   Shen Huan spoke first, "Sir, I appreciate your confidence in me, and I feel honored to have passed your tests, but I must decline. I have dedicated my life to Gasyenditha, pursuing peace and serenity. It is difficult for me to see how that will be possible while surrounded by the turmoil of the capital city. I prefer to stay here at Xosuyel Vold."   Six said to him, "Shen Huan, I respect your decision and honesty. Cao Qigong, what do you say?"   Cao Qigong sat quietly for a moment, contemplating what Six had said. He finally spoke, "Before I answer, may I ask you some questions?" Six replied, "Of course. Please ask." Cao Qigong asked, "Please answer without bias. What is your assessment of this prince? Is he a good person, honest, trustworthy, arrogant or humble, smart or stupid?" Six was impressed by the question, "Cao Qigong, yours is a wise question, and I will answer it honestly. The prince, like you, is young, and therefore, impressionable, but I believe him to be a good person. He is not arrogant - the Emperor would not tolerate his son looking down on others. I have found him to be honest and trustworthy. He is very smart; all of his teachers acknowledge this. Sometimes he is impatient and stubborn. He has my respect as a young man and prince. And now I will answer the question you have not asked, but I know is in your heart. Yes, I believe the prince will treat you well, and you and he can become friends, but you must always remember your position in regard to the royal family. Liliakinyosa can be a cruel and unjust place, but I believe the teaching and training you have received here will serve you well there."   Cao Qigong replied, "Very well. I believe that this is the will of Gasyenditha for me. I will go with you."   And so, Cao Qigong accompanied Six back to Liliakinyosa and became Crown Prince Yixing-Jiumin Jinhai's constant companion and bodyguard. Though they are still young, they have faced danger and overcome many challenges together, becoming brothers in the process; though, Cao Qigong listened well to Six's advice to always be aware of his position relative to the Imperial Family of the Great Sacred Empire. After becoming Six's protege, many in the imperial palace began referring to him as "Seven," and that name has stuck.


Cao Qigong was expertly trained in several forms of martial arts by the Gasyendithite monks at Xosuyel Vold Monastery. They also taught him to read and write Sudkou, do basic calculations, some of the history of Senyon, and other general knowledge. He has been given additional instruction since entering the service of Crown Prince Yixing-Jiumin Jinhai, including more advanced training in martial arts, personal protection, secret communication, military strategy and tactics, and leading the Ministry of Imperial Security and Household. He is an adept student and has the complete confidence of Six.


Seven is the bodyguard, constant companion, and personal assistant of Crown Prince Yixing-Jiumin Jinhai.

Morality & Philosophy

Seven is a follower of Gasyenditha, and adheres to a philosophy of peace and serenity. He abhors conflict and chaos, and does his best to prevent conflict and promote calm, rational, and thoughtful resolution of differences.

Personality Characteristics


Seven is motivated by his devotion to the Gasyendithite philosophy of peace and serenity, as well as by his loyalty to Crown Prince Yixing-Jiumin Jinhai. He is also an obedient subject of Emperor Yixing-Jiumin Jinsen.


Seven keeps himself clean and wears good clothes, as befitting the bodyguard and assistant to the Crown Prince.


Contacts & Relations

Since the Crown Prince and Princess Jinyat are close, Seven has also become friendly with Princess Jinyat. She has asked him to teach her some of the philosophy and principles of the Gasyendithites, which he has been happy to do. He has noticed that she shows more interest toward him than any other of the servants or bodyguards. He cannot help but to be attracted to her, as Princess Jinyat is quite beautiful, intelligent, and enjoyable to be around, but he also knows that showing any overt interest in her could be a fatal mistake. And so, while he likes to be around Princess Jinyat, there is always an undercurrent of tension between them, making it difficult for Seven to maintain his focus and serenity. He is torn between wanting to spend time with her and wanting to avoid her. He does not like his confused feelings, but does not know how to resolve them.

Family Ties

Seven has no family. He considers the Crown Prince his brother. Six is the closest other person to him, and Seven often seeks his advice.

Religious Views

Seven is a devout follower of Gasyenditha and adheres to the Gasyendithite philosophy of peace and serenity.

Social Aptitude

Seven is not socially awkward, exactly, but is impassive and unemotional, and sometimes blunt, leading many to conclude that he is either arrogant, uncaring, or even dumb. In fact, his personality just manifests his training under the Gasyendithite monks of Xosuyel Vold Monastery.

Wealth & Financial state

Seven receives a significant monthly stipend from the Crown Prince and most of his needs are provided from the Crown Prince's household, so though he cannot be considered wealthy by the standards of the imperial family, he is quite well off.
Cao Qigong, assistant and bodyguard to Crown Prince Yixing-Jiumin Jinhai
by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
Cao Qigong, assistant and bodyguard to Crown Prince Yixing-Jiumin Jinhai
Current Location
Year of Birth
9140 20 Years old
Current Residence
Hall of Princes, Liliakinyosa, Sendoshi
Long, narrow, dark brown
Cropped short, black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light brown, smooth, some scars usually covered by clothes
6'0" (183 cm)
185 lbs (84 kg)
Known Languages
Cao Qigong reads and writes Sudkou well, and he has learned a few words of Nodkou.
Appears in...

Cover image: by Peter Nelson (Zero Sum Games)
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