Heroic Endeavors Incorporated

Heroic Endeavors Incorporated (HEI) is a subsidiary of the Swift Winds Trading Company that acts largely as a contractor for small mercenary crews and adventurers. The company itself provides infrastructure necessary for adventurers to operate legally in the Kingdom of Thaspier, which has taken steps to regulate the adventuring profession. Bands wishing to become licensed adventuring parties register with HEI, and the company grants expanded rights to accept professional contracts to do everything from monster hunting, to dungeon exploration, to caravan protection runs. Parties that take on such work unlicensed are subject to fines, and even imprisonment by royal decree in Thaspier.

Each license holder is granted access to a Sanctuary. The Sanctuary serves as the party’s base of operations where they live and work. Each Sanctuary is assigned an administrator to oversee day to day business operations, and given access to a proprietary company storehouse called the Quartermaster network, where adventurers can purchase supplies at reduced costs. In return, licensees pay a percentage of their contracts to HEI.

As party’s strengthen their reputations in new sectors, adventurers who perform particularly well are given access to greater resources from the Quartermaster network, and given priority for specialized assignments. While most licensees are allowed to determine their own workload, occasionally a job of regional significance will be available from headquarters. Typically these are the kinds of jobs that involve large scale dragon slaying or lich destruction and only the most promising groups are offered such work.

Public Agenda

To provide safe, effective, and affordable heroic interventions to anyone in need.

Everyone needs a Hero sometimes.

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