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1053 of the Age of Mortals

The world is changing. Magically charged Mythricite has thrust the world into an arcane revolution that has created a sharp divide between those who can wield the forces of magic, and those who cannot. The very rules of reality are being re-written as the limits of arcane potential expand at an ever increasing rate.

As civilization thrives with the invention of new spells and wondrous machines, there are growing concerns that all this power comes with a price. Worrying signs appear that reality itself is threatened by the magnitude and frequency of the magic being tapped.

Innovation has also made the balance of power between nations a delicate thing. Previously overlooked regions that now have access to powerful new magic have become forces too great to ignore, while once mighty empires stagnate and wither in the face of progress.

Val'Druen is changing, and the possibilities for what it shall become are endless. The question is, will the people shaping those possibilities survive in the world they've created, or will they invent their own destruction?