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Odilie Gambuck

Level 1 Halfling Witch

In Vantam, magic is business, and there is no one who understands that better than Odilie. Her power has always been transactional, though she doesn't quite grasp the nature of the bargain that grants her the gift of divination. Who her mystic patron is, and why they've passed the powers of a witch from mother to daughter for generations are both mysteries that the young halfling woman intends to solve in her studies at Seven Towers University. She earns her way through school by telling fortunes. While others might be amazed and grateful for her uncanny foresight, Odilie herself has grown bored with her gifts. Her clients always come to her with the same questions. The same problems. Which lover should I choose? Should I invest in this company or that? Is my dead cat happy in the afterlife? It has become a humdrum existence for the young fortune teller. That's why she has gone into business with her long-time friend and traveling companion J.W. Quindyn. Perhaps the life of a licensed hero will spark some excitement.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Aside from divination, Odilie has the power to alter fate around her. She can inspire acts of great prowess in her companions or curse her enemies with twists of ill fortune. Her gifts are more subtle than the ostentatious power of many wizards and sorcerers, but only a fool would oppose her without taking them into careful consideration.

Apparel & Accessories

Odilie is always seen with her diadem, a family heirloom connected to her fortune telling powers. It is not the source of her power, that much she knows, but it is somehow an important piece of her connection to her patron spirit.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to a nomadic clan of halflings, Odilie spent most of her life on the road. Moving from town to town, she watched as people would line up outside her mother's wagon to hear their fortunes, paying good coin for granted advice. Over time, Odilie came to learn that her mother's ability to divine truth was no mere parlor trick. The women of her family had always been granted such power; power sourced from a mysterious patron spirit. When she learned of these mysteries, she wanted answers. She wanted to know exactly where the power came from, what it meant, what it cost, and why her family had been chosen. Odilie's mother either didn't know, or refused to tell, but either way the questions gnawed at the halfling day and night.

On Odilie's 17th birthday, her mother gave her a diadem, and told her it was time to learn how to see. Odilie was convinced that she'd finally understand the truth behind the questions that nagged her. Her mother taught her to tap into the lines of power, but no more. Odilie's mystic sight granted answers to other people's questions but revealed no answers for herself. Frustrated, Odilie decided she would travel to Vantam where the premier academy of magic conducted cutting edge research of the arcane. There, she was certain she would learn all about the source of her power and the nature of her patron spirit. Odilie's mother was furious, demanding her daughter give up this foolish quest and stay where she belonged with the family. Even against the threat of her mother's fury, Odilie's curiosity was too strong. She bid her friends and family farewell and struck out for the city on her own. She occasionally sends messages home, staying in contact with her father, but her mother has never forgiven her and never responds.

Gender Identity



Odilie is a student at Seven Towers University with a focus on divinations. She is particularly interested in power passed to mortals by otherworldly spirits and yearns to understand her family's connection to a patron spirit.


The enterprising halfling pays for her day to day needs by telling fortunes for her many and varied clients. While her track record may not be perfect, her power is genuine, and she is frequently referred by happy customers.

Her most recent work, however, is with Heroic Endeavors Incorporated. When several of her friends decided they wanted to go into business as licensed adventurers, Odilie seized the opportunity, having grown bored with the fortune telling business.

Personality Characteristics


Odilie's entire reason for coming into the city is to discover the truth behind her family's connection to a patron spirit that has granted generations of women power over fate and fortune.


Hobbies & Pets

When she's certain it won't cause a scene, Odilie lets her familiar ride on her shoulder. He is a long-legged bunny harvestman spider named Draven. She keeps him out of sight when in mixed company, not interested in dealing with polite society's terrified reactions to the large spider.

Draven serves as a liaison between Odilie and her patron spirit. The spider passes knowledge of spells and hexes to the halfling and keeps her confidence in all matters. However, even Draven does not really know from where the power comes, or on whose behalf he speaks.

Wealth & Financial state

Though her business is successful, Odilie spends all of her earnings on her education. Tuition at a school like STU is not cheap and she is paying her own way.
Current Location
Year of Birth
1018 AM 35 Years old
Current Residence
Bright Blue
Long Blonde
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white
Aligned Organization

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