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J.W. Quindyn

Level 1 Human Oracle of Dreams

A life on the road with steady companions is the dream J.W. Quindyn works to make real. He is a man of stories. He collects them and he shares them. None are too fantastical for him to believe in, giving others to think perhaps he is naive at best, absolutely mad at worst. But the thing is, he's neither. He has seen things and been places, and for him, every wild story is as real as the boots on his feet. What's strangest of all is how often fantasy becomes reality around the man. People who have spent time around Quindyn often walk away with unbelievable tales of their own; so strange they have to wonder whether their adventures were a dream. Indeed, his connection to some strange and incomprehensible power seems to defy reality at every turn, as if he is in a continual contest to prove the impossible is always right around the corner and nothing should be unexpected.

Physical Description

Special abilities

If you spend any time around the man, it becomes clear very quickly that Quindyn possesses some strange and ill understood magic. Even he is not sure where this power comes from, but there is no doubt that the limits of possibility become stretched in his presence.

Apparel & Accessories

One can't help but notice the volume of heavy rings Quindyn wears on his hands. He picks up new rings as he travels, keeping them as mementos to remind him of his own stories. This trick doesn't always seem to work, as Quindyn himself couldn't tell you how he acquired many of these trinkets.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

When Quindyn tells stories of the far-off places he's been and the people he's met, sometimes it's difficult to know if any of it is true. He will admit himself that he's a bit fuzzy on the details. He left home at an early age though he has fond memories of home. He was simply too restless to stay. He remembers the stories his father would tell and always dreamed of living an exciting adventure of his own. In particular, he recalls with a great deal of love, his father’s story about seeing a traveling pair of monster hunters named Sakram and Eigna who came through his parent’s village many, many years ago. This love with stories, adventure, and a vivid imagination has shaped the bulk of Quindyn's life.

Gender Identity



As Quindyn travels, he takes what jobs come. In the nation of Thaspier it can be legally dubious to take freelance jobs on the road, as adventuring is highly regulated. It can be difficult to know where the line between an odd job and "heroics" is. After arriving in the city of Vantam, Quindyn signed up with Heroic Endeavors Incorporated to become a licensed adventurer. Now, he is ready to take on the world as a legendary hero... eventually.

Personality Characteristics


Collecting stories, sharing them, and making his own are the driving force behind J.W. Quindyn's exploits. He wants to know everything he can about the world, experiencing its cultures, meeting its people, and challenging its dangers for himself.

Personality Quirks

It's not always easy to tell what you're going to get from J.W. Quindyn. At times he is prone to reckless spontaneity, as if he cannot believe there can be consequences for his actions. Other times, he is cautious and hesitant, as if he is unsure what might happen if he takes a single step.



Quindyn often falls into a storyteller's patter no matter what he's talking about, as if even the most mundane parts of his life are grand adventures. The world is a stage, and Quindyn is here to dazzle and amaze.
Current Location
Current Residence
Wavy Black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
190 lbs
Aligned Organization


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