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Red Onyx

Red onyx is a blood-red metaphysical stone that is said to protect and empower its bearers while also helping protect warriors on the battlefield by boosting their willpower and elevating their mood. Most of the time, the stone is found in large red-vein pockets hidden underneath a cluster of mountains, usually somewhere like the Icywind Alps or the White Mountains. This stone is found all over Vash'gir and Chymoús. They are estimated to bring in about 100,000,000 worth of Wolf Slayer coins per pocket.  


Just like silver to werewolves, red onyx effects shapeshifters. This is usually dubbed an allergic reaction or red onyx allergic reaction. Most of the time, it is mild cases with some deadly cases being recorded.  


Deep in the jungles of Vash'gir, where the nekomata live, the first recording of red onyx was recorded by a troop of the Minuiantoan Army at the Tangled Tree Jungle Mountain around 376 EoL. The Minuiantoan Army was hiding in a secluded cave on the mountain, protecting themselves from the werewolves that hunted them when a few of the army members snuck toward the back of the cave to discover the red-vein pockets. Samples were quickly dug up and transported back to Minuianto.   In the vampiric culture, red onyx was seen as a protector in battle. The main types of battle equipment were upgraded to be encrusted with red onyx stones. Swords, shields, daggers, armor, and belts were the first items to be embedded with red onyx, with pistols and a variety of other things.  
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It was soon discovered that some vampires began proposing with either red onyx jewelry or weapons in faith that their betrothed would be empowered and protected, whether in battle or crossing the street. This unique way of proposing became something all vampires enjoyed doing and it started being passed down through the ages to the point it became a cultural tradition to propose to one's lover with red onyx fashioned onto something.   E.g. The red onyx necklace (pictured left) is coated with a rare type of magick called Blood Magick that gives it the gleam of a ruby. This also keeps others from realizing what types of properties the necklace has, like the protective charm of a red onyx.

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Quick Facts
2.21 oz (60 g)
Common State:
Extremely Common
Blood Red
2.12 oz (60 g)
Common State

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Really interesting article! I like the detail that it causes an adverse reaction in shapeshifters.

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