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Ginger Howl


Ginger has a habit of being stubborn when others attempt to get in his way. The only two people who manage to calm him down are Raura Howl and Deidrick Howl. He has a soft spot for them with his heart wishing for his family to remain safe and nobody else to harm them. His only concern remained with how little time he has to be a part of the family.   Being a Warrior was something he already dreamed of, but he never expected the daily training to take so much of his time. By the time he finally returns home after a long day of work, Ginger is ready to crash. The only thing keeping him going is that Raura is still there for him, understanding the stress that rests on his shoulders.  


Although Ginger is a family man, he doesn't express himself much. This can stem from his lack of energy at the end of the day or even his intolerance toward the new Warriors-in-training. When he finally expresses himself, it usually comes in the form of small grunts and the word "fuck." Yet, Raura can get him to show a softer side when they're alone together.   If someone can get him angry, Ginger will lash out. He doesn't approve of hypocrites or liberals. While he is a "Trump" supporter, he doesn't like anything to be taken away from the gay community (mainly because it affects how Raura and Deidrick would be able to live). He also bristles easily around rogues and doesn't like Oliver McKinney due to being Deidrick's mate. He can be overly protective toward his son and his mate but after nearly losing them seventeen years, he can't handle the thought of truly losing them, nor does he want to risk Oliver hurting Deidrick.   When it comes to family time, Ginger shows off how tender he can be by cooking dinner for his family or picking out a fancy place to eat out at in the pack while still keeping them safe. He's not a drinker, but he is known to smoke lots of pot. This is one of biggest problems as Raura hates the smell of pot and would rather his mate drink a few beers than be high off a drug.  


by Amelia Nite (Hero Forge)
Born into the Storm Pack in 1981 AD, his parents were a Warrior and a Hunter. They always saw eye-to-eye and attempted to make sure that Ginger was well respected due to his father's heritage and long line of male Warriors. His family was toxic and would definitely be conservatives if they were still alive today.   When Raura ended up pregnant, it left their whole family shaken up. Raura had grown up with so much trauma that his health decreased. He almost had a miscarriage while carrying Deidrick in his womb, so he was put on bedrest to help during his pregnancy. When Deidrick was born, he had a twin brother that was stillborn. Raura's health decreased even more due to feeling he caused the death of the child because he let his health decreased the first time.   While Raura was coping with his depression, Ginger took on the role of a dutiful parent. He barely even turned his back on Deidrick due to the fear of him dying because he knew that he couldn't stand the thought of Raura losing another pup. Thanks to Ginger raising Deidrick for the first few months, he was able to get better and was soon holding Deidrick in his arms and cooing to him.   The longer they spent time together, Raura grew close to Deidrick with Ginger spoiling their pup...

Table of Contents

by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)
Ginge / Gingersnap / Redhot
Quick Facts
Lawful Neutral
Pack Rank:
Birth Date:
Birth Year:
1981 AD 38 Years Old
Pale Blue
Hair Color:
Short, messy; Ginger
Scruffy beard
Skin Tone:
5'11" (180 cm)
Other Notes
Affiliated Organization, Primary:
Affiliated Organizations, Secondary:
Bond of Silver
Fourth District

Clothing Style

Ginger is the type of guy who is laid-back, but gives off an aura that reads as though he will kick your ass for looking at him wrong. He's a protective father as well, which is shown in his clothing style.   Normally, you'll find Ginger wearing white or black t-shirts, wife-beaters, or button-down shirts where he can roll up the sleeves. Every now and then, he'll wear a flannel shirt, but that is usually when the temperature drops below 60*F. His flannel shirts are always black with dark to light gray stripes.   He can also be seen wearing jeans and boots or tennis shoes when out jogging.

Cover image: by Amelia Nite (Canva)


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