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Deidrick Howl


Once a young pup full of playfullness and excitement, Deidrick Howl has found himself living a life of dread and anxiety. He is an Omega in the Storm Pack, which is located close to Los Angeles. His skills range from keeping his head down and not being discovered and cleaning any room within the Alpha Cabin. Though, this sometimes still can get him into trouble. The darkest part of his life comes from the time Rogue Alpha Ignatius Williams was still part of the pack. After Ignatius was banished from the pack, Deidrick's path of innocence was thrown away with Alpha Heir Chris Williams and his goons deciding to bully him.  
He stopped as his eyes landed on the cell number of 1792. Slowly, he walked up to the cell door and peered through the slat. Inside, Oliver paced around, glaring at the walls with his strange paranormal eye color. Deidrick pressed his hand against he door, eyes flashing gold. He whined just loud enough for Oliver to catch, whose head whipped around to look at the door. The rogue growled, claws unsheathed.  

Oliver McKinney: "Why the fuck are you here?"


Deidrick Howl: "I missed you, and I owe you an-"


Oliver McKinney: "You owe me nothing, Omega."

  Oliver chuckled. He turned away from the door.  

Oliver McKinney: "It's bad enough I let my guard down around you, but I knew not to trust you. Yet, look at how dumb I am!"

— His Mate, Shadows Series Book 1 Scene



by Amelia Nite (Hero Forge)
Spotting Deidrick can be hard if you don't know what to look for as he's a massive introvert and keeps himself due to his shyness. While he can be a bit of a tough nut to crack when it comes to the stubborness of the mate bond, Deidrick easily breaks when things turn dangerous. He is quick to submit to those of higher rank than him and he even begs others not to defend him from the bullies.   Deidrick can be creative and incisive. Of course, he's also spontaneous, warm, and charming, but he's far less prominent, especially compared to impulses of being irrational as well. His creativity though, this is what he's pretty much known for. There are many times when friends count on this and his methodical nature whenever they need help.   Nobody's perfect, of course, and Deidrick has plenty of less favorable traits too. His obnoxious nature toward being a hopeless romantic can cause things to heat up, both personally and for others. Fortunately, his forthright nature helps keep them in check for at least a little.  


Dedirick was beaten so much as a kid that he can't stand the thought of bullies being around him. When Chris or his goons are around, Deidrick shrinks within himself. The bullying can lead to anything from locking him in small spaces (such as lockers or a janitor closest) to shoving him into a pit full of insects (hence his major fear of anything "creepy-crawlies").   He has a submissive trait within him that gets him to do whatever someone higher ranked than him orders him to do. This is what lead to Ignatius torturing him as a little boy and how his bullies can get him to do whatever they want. If he disobeys them for whatever reason, Deidrick is usually beaten to a pulp. Now, Deidrick can't stand the thought of angering his bullies without the repercussions of getting injured.  


Deidrick excels in school thanks to his love of history. Any new piece of information he can grab his hands on, he will. Though, he also loves sports and can't wait for to a basketball, soccer, or football game.   This is his current school schedulea as a 12th Grader:  
Time A-Day Time B-Day
8:00 - 9:20 Home Economics 8:00 - 9:20 Computer Science
9:25 - 10:55 World Culture 9:25 - 10:05 Art History
11:00 - 11:20 Lunch 10:10 - 10:55 Free Period
11:25 - 12:55 British Literature 11:00 - 12:55 Precalculus
1:00 - 1:45 Fashion Design & Illustration 11:50 - 12:10 Lunch
1:50 - 2:32 Child Care I 1:00 - 2:32 Weight Lifting

Table of Contents

by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)
Omega / Dei
Quick Facts
Lawful Neutral
Pack Rank:
Birth Date:
June 6
Birth Year:
2002 AD 17 Years Old
Cis Male
Pale Blue
Hair Color:
Long, sleek; White
Skin Tone:
Pale Tanned
5'10" (177 cm)
Other Notes
Ginger Howl (pops)
Raura Howl (dad)
Affiliated Organization, Primary:
Affiliated Organizations, Secondary:
Bond of Silver
Fourth District


His hobbies include fishing, swimming, playing Lunarcrosse, which is a werewolf game that involves using an indestructible white ball with a moonstone (contains stored energy of the full moon) in the center. This game can only be played by werewolves. It is played just like lacrosse.  

His Mate

Deidrick's mate, Oliver, can be a bit of a hardass for him. His past wasn't great and he is constantly nervous about everything. But Deidrick loves his mate and would do anything to protect Oliver from danger, even if that means putting himself in harm's way. Deidrick may not admit it, but he has always wanted his mate to love him the way he would.  


by fda54 (Pixabay)
Deidrick was born on June 6th of 2002 AD to Raura Howl and Ginger Howl. He was seen as the playful, yet very skittish and always nervous to be around the other kids. And while he does not know of his heritage, Deidrick has a feeling his parents are keeping something important from him, which has him pestering them for the truth each time his birthday rolls around.   By the age of three, Deidrick got his inner wolf, Asími Howl. Asími is even more playful than Deidrick and constantly loves to be babied. It's as though his inner wolf never grew out of being a pup. Because of his inner wolf being such a child, he was depicted as an Omega from an early age, which lead to bullying being a part of his life since this young of an age. Due to Asími's friendliness, it didn't take long for Deidrick to be taken advantage of. This only gave him a sense of uselessness and appearance of a scapegoat.   Around five-years-old, Deidrick met Adged Diamond and the two hit it off as best friends. Their friendship was a surprise for the Omega-like pup, who thought that everyone hated him for just being him. Adged was the only person who stood up for him, getting into fights with whoever began to bully his friend. Deidrick was surprised that Adged would do such a thing for him. Nobody really picked on Adged and as long as Deidrick was by his side, there was no way his bullies would make a move. This friendship lasted up until Adged was made into a Warrior-in-training and joined Alpha Heir Chris as a member of the Shadow Leigion.   As a teenager, Deidrick was made into an Omega, where his path wasn't changed all too much. He did some studying under his dad and was left with the impression that Omegas only lived to serve the higher ranks, sort of like a slave but without the shackles or collars. Given his obedient nature, he was always thrown into cleaning up some sort of mess. This ranged from cleaning the bathhouse to the unsanitary changing rooms at the training hall. Even though he was forced to clean up such messes, Deidrick always saw the bright side of things and tried to be optimistic about his new life.   Now, at the age of seventeen, Deidrick is desperate to meet his mate as he has no idea if his mate will even accept him because of his weak rank.

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Cover image: by Amelia Nite (Canva)


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