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Year 511 of the Age of Penitence, Year 2042 AF

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Ea, better known in the primordial tongue as "Heart" or "Center", is but a single planet orbiting around the sun...moderate in size though it is, it is a great place, full of heroes, warriors, villains, and adventures new, old and current. It is orbited by three moons, Bahaemon, Mordain, and Aquarius, and it is altogether a world greatly scarred by eons of calamity, apocalypses, and the rise and fall of countless nations and peoples over its eons of has seen rise to great Technocracies that have built incredible marvels of technology, reached into the orbit of the planet and left their marks on not only the world, but the inky black space surrounding it and the moons that orbit it.   Entire peoples have risen and fell on its surface, and even now the world sits in the throes of a recent apocalypse that saw the most recent, world-spanning empire of The Aurelian Hegemony of Man reduced to ruins, all of its wondrous achievements such as floating stone cities and even the dozens of satellites and even several orbital stations that once shone so brightly now crashed down onto the planet's surface or drifting lifelessly above Ea like so much flotsam. Ruined orbital elevators, space stations, satellites, and more drift in orbit above Ea, forgotten by all and whose creators died to calamity eons before...each slowly decaying alone, and forgotten. The moons and other planets are dotted with the ruins of this forgotten age of technology, now nothing more than graveyards and memorials to all that once was.   Now, with all races on the world plunged back into a dark age of fantasy and myth after the apocalyptic end of the last age of Technology and Modernity, they struggle in the ruined landscape still scarred by terrifying technological superweapons, relics of the last calamitous battle of the age of technology, with the massive ruined stone cities all around them, dotting the landscape after plunging out of the sky long ago. They have formed warring nations once more, struggled in the aftermath of such calamity and the loss of so much knowledge, and begun to come together once more to try and rebuild after the horrible evils and losses of ages past. Continents once linked by technology and science have all but lost contact with one another, and the entire world has plunged back into a dark age of seperation and isolation...each continent believes themselves the center of the world, an isolated bastion of life in a world bereft of it...   And now, on the continent of Corexus, center of the devastation that ruined the world in the age of technology, where many ruined stone cities dot the landscape and ruins filled with countless technological wonders slumber, waiting the right adventurer or hero to uncover them, the nations that have formed in the years since the fall of the age of technology, coloqially dubbed the "Fall of High Humanity", war and scheme against each other beneath a veneer of peace, each looking to finally set themselves on the path to recovering all the secrets lost to them in ages long past...  


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