Corexus Fall of High Humanity

Fall of High Humanity



The Event that marked the downfall of the High Humans and their civilization which had become so powerful and notoriously evil that they even dared to reach into the realms of the gods and attempt to lay them low, earning the Ire of the Gods and all surface races.

Little knowledge remains of the Fall of High Humanity, though what remains tells a story of all the nations, creatures, and people of the surface world allying together at the behest of the Ancient Dragons to put an end to the infinite evils the High Humans, in their hubris, had created and unleashed upon the world.   Flying up to their floating cities, this alliance of all sentient creatures brought the floating magical cities of the High Humans crashing down to the ground, where they remain to this day as reminders of the arrogance of humanity in eons past.   Through this event of untold destruction, the infinite knowledge that the High Humans had accumulated, though it was used for evil, was purposely destroyed and all their creations set ablaze...this act of genocide and extinction ensured that the world would experience a setback of knowledge, advancement, and technology that could not even be measured in millennia...indeed, this loss of knowledge and technological and magical know-how was so severe, it sent the entire world into a new age of barbarism and strife that lasted for nearly an eon.   More importantly, however, the loss of the High Human's advanced knowledge would be felt even into the current day, where magicians still struggle to even understand the wonders of that glorious, lost age.

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