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The Aurelian Hegemony of Man

The Ancient Empire of High Humanity


The Aurelian Hegemony was divided into roughly five tiers. Though the tiers often determined how one was treated in society, they were unique in that when matters arose that pertained to a certain caste, members OF that caste had ultimate authority over members of other castes even if they would not normally(Such as the Warrior Caste superseding the Builder Caste in times of war), though this right did not include the Ruler Caste unless extreme emergencies arose, as the Ruler Caste ALWAYS was atop the caste system.
1st: Ruler Caste - Leaders of the Empire. Included Members of the Magister Council as well as several Magisters that oversaw critical aspects of the Hegemony such as the Magister of Homeland Security, Economics, Health, External Defense and Military, and any other key role of society. These Non-lord Magisters reported to the council.
2nd: Builder/Shaper Caste - The Scientists, Engineers, Mages and Scholars focused on building or research, or other intellectuals that were the backbone of the High Human technological genius. Foremost power beneath the Ruler Caste and enjoyed almost limitless rank and power.
3rd: Warrior Caste - Members of the army or any other martial or martial-adjacent groups within the empire, including any Mages who served in a martial aspect. With the High Human cultural emphasis on discipline, control, and martial might, warriors enjoyed a high rank and great authority.
4th: Civilian Caste - The average, everyday citizens of the High Human empire. They enjoyed many basic luxuries and wanted for several things, but did by no means live in poverty or poor conditions.
5th: Slave Caste - The bottom of the barrel of High Human society. Slaves, while they could be lucky enough to be owned by a kind master, had no rights themselves. However, there were many laws in place that mandated slaves be treated a certain way to ensure their lives were not wasted or put to misuse.

Public Agenda

Outwardly, the public agenda of the Hegemony remained relatively constant over the course of its nearly three thousand year reign: To "save", uplift, protect, and guide all other life into salvation. They believed they were the greatest force in the world, the only one which could unite the planet and the only one worthy of doing so, and believed that without their rule other life would fall to ruin and descend into wanton barbarism and slaughter. They strove to expand their empire to every corner of the world, forcibly united all races, cultures, and civilizations they encountered, and brought them all under their one singular banner in the name of security and stability. They were tyrannical and absolute overlords, but ones who ruled out of a belief that it was their rule, and their rule alone, which would allow life to prosper.   Over the course of the Hegemony's long lifespan, the means by which they accomplished this mission slowly changed from Imperialistic but good-intentioned to outright cruel and genocidal.


Having once controlled almost all of the known world, the assets of the Aurelian Hegemony were so manifold and extensive that it was with little exaggeration or hyperbole that many other races referred to them as "The Wardens of the World's Treasures". They controlled almost every landmass, the skies, and their mines ran deep, their pastures were green, and they dabbled in such wondrous arcane science that they were even said to be capable of reshaping the very world itself to suit their whims and desires. They have massive magical cannons, floating cities suspended by magic, legions untold of powerful and almost invincible wizard-soldiers, bioweaponry that could exterminate a population in weeks, and more...their assets were monstrously enormous, and bordered on the infinite, though their titanic Manufactorums consumed untold tonnes of supplies each day they operated...meaning that though they consumed uncounted tonnes of raw materials and valuable resources, they had so much land and property that their wealth even surpassed the ravenous consumption their Manufactorums, which belched out automatons, computers, and all manner of things, demanded each day.


Little is known of the history of the ancient Aurelian Hegemony, as during the Fall of High Humanity the races that rose up against them purposely erased and destroyed many records of their history, making it almost impossible for modern historians to piece together a cohesive tale of their history.   What is believed to be known, is that the Hegemony was so named for their first emperor and the inventor of the first floating city: Emperor Aurelius Augustus Capricus, the father of the Hegemony which invented the basic designs for dozens of prototypes that would eventually become trademarks of the Hegemony's technical and magical might...floating cities, magical reactors, fusion energy, orbital platforms...all were birthed from the mind of the Father of the Hegemony.


The Aurelian Hegemony was brought to ruin and destroyed during the events of the Fall of High Humanity, where almost all the races of the known world rallied against the growing cruelty of the Hegemony, led by the Ancient True Dragons and the Dragon Emperor that ruled them, and staged a worldwide rebellion which saw the Hegemony overthrown and the High Humans brought to extinction for the barbarity and unending cruelty they perpetrated towards the end of their rule.

Demography and Population

The population of the Hegemony was divided equally across their numerous floating magical cities and citadels, and though they were a predominantly Human civilization, they accepted all races into their fold so long as they could accept the boot-heel of Hegemony Rule and abandon the ways of barbarism and chaos. Their people lived incredibly long and fertile lives thanks to extensive genetic modifications that were popular amongst citizens of all Castes, so the birth rate was quite high while the death rate was kept high only due to the frequency with which The Hegemony warred against others...most notably the ancient Dragons, with whom they warred almost constantly.


Though it is now fallen to ruin and mostly forgotten, the Aurelian Hegemony of Man once held almost all land and sky in the known world. Their floating citadels held the sky while they ruled over the surface like Imperial Overlords...all their surface lands were assimilated and forcefully occupied, but the sky was their domain and theirs alone...only the Ancient Dragons dared dispute that.


The Hegemony's military was the stuff of legend, and was said to be so legendarily numerous and mighty that they could blot out the sky with troops clad in mighty NEMEAN Metal plate armor. Their troops and military were deadly on the battlefield and were so well-organized and powerful that dozens of other nations and civilizations have striven to mimic this militaristic perfection, but none have come close to the level of power once possessed by the Hegemony. With an expertly maintained supply line, brutal armored divisions of tanks and futuristic vehicles, brutal siege cannons and artillery guns, and all manner of exotic weaponry, the Hegemony military was nigh unstoppable.   The general makeup of a single legion in the High Human Military is as follows. They possessed upwards of 12+ Legions at any given time, and often went higher. Each was specialized in a certain type of terrain or foe.  
Contubernium (tent group): Consisted of 8 men.   Centuria (century): Was made up of 10 Contubernium with a total of 80 men commanded by a centurion.   Cohorts (cohort): Included 6 Centuria or a total of 480 fighting men, not including officers. In addition, the first cohort was double strength but with only 5 Centuria instead of the normal 6.   Legio (legion): Consisted of 10 cohorts.   Additionally: Each Legion had a 120 man Alae (cavalry unit) permanently attached to it possibly to be used as scouts and messengers.

Technological Level

The Hegemony had untold scientific wonders such as Genetic Augmentation, Orbital Platforms, Magical Cannons, Magitech, spaceflight, Genetics, Robotics, Circuitry, Artificial Intelligence, Faster Than Light travel (FTL), Laser/Plasma technology, Railgun Technology, Infrared/Radar/Sonar, Artificial Gravity, Nanotech, Bioweaponry, Nuclear Power, and countless other marvels developed by their scientists and scholars.


The Hegemony was publicly atheistic, and decried all religion and worship of deities. They actively stamped out faith where they found it and never stopped working on a way to kill or disable the gods, so great was their hatred for the divine.

Foreign Relations

For most of their rule, the Hegemony was an Imperialistic but Good-Intentioned force for good in the world, one that expanded and absorbed its neighbors but did so without cruelty. They absorbed their neighbors and allowed their cultures to remain intact, and simply governed and oversaw them as their new overlords, training them and uplifting them out of barbarity to enlighten them as a culture. They taught others to better themselves and become stronger to resist the evils of the world once they conquered them, and in the beginning all they did seemed to truly be for the good of all the world.   Towards the end of their rule, however, this Imperialistic Generosity had been entirely replaced by Cold, Unfeeling Superiority. They enslaved as they pleased and conquered without mercy, bring all others into their fold as cannon fodder and tools to be used as they saw fit...and as a result of this disgraceful slaughter, the races of the world soon rebelled and ended their reign in the Fall of High Humanity.

Agriculture & Industry

The Hegemony was an industrial powerhouse, and their Manufactorums were so titanic and overwhelmingly large that their massive smokestacks belched out pollutants by the ton while their factorum lines spit out tanks, steel, plate armor, plasma rifles, and all manner of items by the thousand. They had mastered industrial technology, and could process and refine ores and metals and smelt them into items faster than any other nation in the world could...after all, no human smith could beat an automated magical power hammer that could pound out building-sized armored titans faster than they could make a breastplate.   Their agriculture was also highly advanced, and due to their nature as living in floating cities they invented dozens of improvements to natural agriculture that allowed them to grow massive farms in orbital hydroponics fields encapsulated in time-accelerated magic fields, which sped up their crop production tenfold. This allowed them to utilized their small natural land available to them for other things and to survive with their massive population without threat of their food supply being cut off by an enemy.

Trade & Transport

As they were entirely self-reliant for their critical resources, the Hegemony did not often trade with other nations down below them on the surface. They only did so for the sake of diplomatic relations, or to acquire some exotic good they did not already have.   Items were transported across their massive empire mostly by means of flying aircraft, spacecraft, and flying vehicles in general, though they also utilized an extensive teleportation network that allowed for instantaneous travel across massive distances in a single instant.


Each member of the Hegemony possessed remarkable education due to mandatory schooling from a young age up until maturity, where they were instructed in the key aspects of their civilization's knowledge such as Mathematics, History, Science, Language, Athletics, and more. After this period of mandatory schooling which on average lasted for 12-15 years of their lives, they were given the chance to pursue more specialized collegiate schooling in whichever fields they were interested in, such as Alchemy, Magic, Engineering, or otherwise...meaning that each individual of the Hegemony possessed more sum intelligence and education that of those of almost all other nations in the world. Notably, this education was entirely uniform across all Castes. There was no division of education by class or caste, and even the Slave Caste received some education on their duties and how to perform on an adequate level.

We are the world's salvation.

-2870 BF - 0 AF

Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
The Hegemony, The Aurelian Hegemony, The Hegemony of Man
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy
From what little records remain of the Hegemony, their main currency was believed to be a series of metallic coins of various metallurgic makeups(Copper, Silver, Gold, etc), broadly referred to as "Aureus". There were different denominations within this broad category, but the specifics have mostly been lost to time.
Major Exports
They mainly exported food, animals, steel, and iron.
Major Imports
They rarely imported anything, but when they did it was mostly exotic luxuries they could not procure in the sky, such as silk, rare materials such as Mithril and Adamantine, works of art, and more.
Legislative Body
The Aurelian Hegemony was ruled by a council called the "Magister Council", made up of 13 elite mages and technocrats that held the rank and title of "Magister Lord", the highest rank and honor afforded to a member of the Hegemony. They met and made all the ruling decisions of the Hegemony bi-monthly, though in the early days of the Hegemony they were believed to have been ruled by an Emperor. It is unknown why they abandoned this form of rule in favor of a council.
Judicial Body
The Magister Council not only made the laws of the Hegemony, they also held complete authority over the interpretation of the very same laws they laid down.
Neighboring Nations
Related Ethnicities

  • 375 BF

    Fall of the Aenorian Empire

    After the death of the Scalequeen, the Aenorian Empire falls and the Five-Way Alliance successfully exterminates the majority of the High Lamia, using forbidden High Human technology to forcibly De-Evolve the rest into the normal Lamia of the modern day.

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  • 365 BF

    Growing Hatred
    Life, Relationship change

    Several years after the fall of the Aenorian Empire, the relationship between the all the races of Ea begins to sour as they begin to blame one another for allowing the High Lamia to become so powerful. The Hegemony is blamed for abandoning the surface, the surface is blamed for abandoning the Hegemony, and all begin to grow hateful and suspicious of one another.

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  • 350 BF

    Hegemony Expansion
    Military action

    After several decades recouping their losses incurred during the Age of Scales, The Aurelian Hegemony of Man begins to once against expand its empire across Ea under the pretense of rallying the races of the world together to stand against another calamity. The races of the world, having just recovered from a global empire, vehemently dislike this act.

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  • 344 BF

    Standoff at Salchin
    Military action

    During their expansion, the armies of the Hegemony are met at the large surface town of Salchin by a horde of unarmed surface races, peacefully protesting their expansion. After a very tense few days, the Hegemony leaves Salchin and moves on, almost attacking but halting at the last second. With this, tensions only rise further between the Hegemony and the surface.

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  • 340 BF

    Five-Way Alliance Dissolves

    Several decades after the beginning of the age, the Five-Way alliance dissolves as its member races, now free of tyranny, are unable to stay united and cohesive in the face of Hegemony Expansion and pursuing of their own goals. With its dissolution, the last hope for an easy solution to the rising hatred is assumed lost.

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  • 338 BF

    Founding of the Dragon Federation

    After the dissolution of the alliance they heralded the founding of, the Ancient Dragons, led by the Dragon Emperor, annoyed with mortal hubris that led to the alliance's dissolution, found a nation on the surface where Dragons and those willing to live alongside them(and pay the appropriate fees and taxes) can live free of the Hegemony or other surface races.

    Additional timelines
  • 327 BF

    Disbanding of the Wulven Tribes

    Formerly united into one titanic whole, the rapidly growing Wulven tribes grow too large and unwieldy to remain true to their ancestral ways of a Wulven High King, and are forcibly disbanded into 8 superpacks and sent to different corners of the continent of Corexus by their High King, Muzaka.

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  • 309 BF

    A return to Imperialism
    Civil action

    Some time after they began to re-expand their empire, The Aurelian Hegemony of Man officially returns to its old imperialistic ways despite the protests of the surface races under the pretense of establishing a firm, united land that will never fall to such a threat as the High Lamia. Unlike during the Age of Rebirth, they will ensure ALL the world is under their sway, so as to prevent any such rises to power again, for the good of the world.   This only serves to further drive the surface races to hatred of them, and stoke the fires of growing calamity.

    Additional timelines
  • 290 BF

    Hegemony saves the Dragonborn
    Diplomatic action

    The Hegemony intervenes on behalf of The Dragonborn, who were being hunted to extinction as vile abominations made by the High Lamia the age prior by the surface races. Seeing potential in them, the Hegemony intervened on their behalf and saves them from extinction. Despite the goodness of the act, the act only angers the surface races, who now lose a target to wreak their anger on the High Lamia against and instead direct it at the Hegemony.

    Additional timelines
  • 280 BF

    Aggressive Humanitarianism
    Civil action

    Unfased in the rising anger of the surface directed at them, the Hegemony continues its imperialism by beginning radical humanitarian campaigns to help the surface races, and despite their desires to not be helped the Hegemony forces their goodwill onto those they help regardless of their wishes.

    Additional timelines
  • 252 BF

    The Dragonborn Diaspora
    Population Migration / Travel

    Helped back to a stable population and uplifted into civilization by the Hegemony, the Dragonborn disperse across Ea now that they are suitably prepared for such a journey.

    Additional timelines
  • 226 BF

    Launch of the Great Crusade
    Military action

    The Aurelian Hegemony of Man launches a great crusade to finally crush and cleanse the most barbarous and vile places on the surface of Ea, with the goal of wiping out the last of the barbaric and uncivilized peoples in the world and force them into civilization...or crush them if they refuse.

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  • 148 BF

    Hegemony Cruelty Grows
    Life, Death

    After uniting almost all the known world beneath their banner once more during The Great Crusade, the Hegemony begins to become more cruel in their management of the surface for the sake of the greater good, citing it as their divine right after saving the world in ages past, and bringing civilization and culture to a barbaric world. The races of the world begin to resent them more and more, and begin discussing uniting against them and taking action, to prevent another calamity like the High Lamia.

    Additional timelines
  • 139 BF

    Forced Conscription
    Military action

    The Hegemony begins to forcibly draft the surface races into its armies to replenish their losses in their wars against the Ancient Dragons and in the Great Crusade.

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  • 130 BF

    Embargo of the Hegemony
    Civil action

    The surface races, fed up with the Hegemony and all of its misdeeds, unite to stand against them and issue a worldwide embargo of The Aurelian Hegemony of Man, demanding they leave the surface alone and give them independence or else they will revolt against their injustices and overthrow them.

    Additional timelines
  • 129 BF

    Hegemony issues a warning
    Diplomatic action

    In the face of the embargo levvied against them, The Aurelian Hegemony of Man, furious, warns the surface races of continuing down this path unless they wish to see the true wrath they can bring down upon them. Submit, they say, or be brought into line by force.

    Additional timelines
  • 128 BF

    Founding of the Utopia of Galdrada

    Stoic in the face of the Hegemony's threat, the races of the world band together into a global alliance, founding the nation of Galdrada as a formal declaration of their unity and desire to never again bow to the Hegemony, or any other power's wishes. They found it to give all creatures a utopia to live freely and in peace.

    Additional timelines
  • 117 BF

    Butchering at Galdrada
    Disaster / Destruction

    During a very tense diplomatic meeting between the Hegemony and Galdrada, a single touchy guardsman fires his weapon and instigates a genocide of both sides' parties. The hoped for peace is instantly shattered, and war seems all but assured.

    Additional timelines
  • 100 BF

    Day of Jade's Return
    Disaster / Destruction

    After decades of skirmishes and border conflicts with the Hegemony, the races of the surface utilize an ancient superweapon known as The Jade Lance to destroy one of the Hegemony's floating cities as it floats dozens of miles above Ea in orbit, instantly touching off the second world war of Ea's history in a bold first strike against their ancient foe.

    Additional timelines
  • 99 BF

    75 BF

    War of a Dozen Cataclysms
    Military action

    Sparked off by the destruction of one of their cities by the surface, The Aurelian Hegemony of Man instantly declares war on the surface and all of Ea is engulfed in a war that rages for decades. Ancient technological superweapons even older than the Hegemony and the Age of Rebirth itself are utilized by the surface to match the Hegemony's technological advantage, which scar and corrupt vast chunks of the surface of Ea. The Wild Lands takes the brunt of this wrath, and goes from a verdant jungle and plains to a broken, scarred wasteland as dozens of superweapons scar its surface and many of the Hegemony's ships are knocked out of the sky and fall into the ground.

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  • 75 BF

    Day of Silent Glass
    Disaster / Destruction

    In a brutal display of overwhelming power, The Aurelian Hegemony of Man brings their most evil and reality-quaking weapon to bear upon the surface to end the war: Using a massive Magical Cannon known as ETHERION, they turn dozens of miles of land to smoking glass in an instant, burning away the capital of the surface races and instantly ending the war in a single act of infinite cruelty heard around the world.

    Additional timelines
  • 74 BF

    High Orcs devolve

    In the aftermath of the Day of Silent Glass, the latent energies of the ETHERION cannon fired by the Hegemony to end the war activate and mutate the latent seed placed in the High Orcs by the High Lamia, causing them to devolve into the normal Orcs of the modern day as intelligence, wisdom, and their minds decay until they are little more than raging, frothing beasts and barbarians.

    Additional timelines
  • 65 BF

    Kingdom of Karnac is formed

    A succubus founds a kingdom on the mortal plane by beguiling thousands with promises of pleasure and satisfaction in the wake of the apocalyptic firing of the ETHERION cannon.

    Additional timelines
  • 49 BF

    The Human Diaspora
    Population Migration / Travel

    In the aftermath of the War of a dozen Cataclysms and the firing of the ETHERION cannon, countless humans emigrate from the Hegemony to the surface to make a life for themselves outside of the Empire they have grown disillusioned with, and spread across the surface of Ea to join their barbarous kinsmen and the surface races.

    Additional timelines
  • 48 BF

    10 BF

    The Forgotten Time

    This period of time has been lost to history, as during this time all historical records simply vanish, as if nothing happened or time stopped for nearly four decades. It is a great mystery to modern scholars that remains unsolved.

    Additional timelines
  • 10 BF

    Appearance of the Ursini
    Life, Birth

    The first Ursini appear in the historical record at this point, though their source or origin is unknown. They may have appeared during the Forgotten Times, may have been made, evolved, or something else, but nothing has ever been determined.

    Additional timelines
  • 2 BF

    Pact of Sundered Cities
    Diplomatic action

    Seeing no other option, the races of the world make plans and alliances in secret, led by the Ancient Dragons and the Dragon Emperor, to rise up and destroy the Hegemony and High Humanity once and for all for the good of the world. With the firing of the ETHERION cannon, all races stand united in opposition to their fathomless evil.

    Additional timelines
  • 1 BF

    Fall of High Humanity

    The Event that marked the downfall of the High Humans and their civilization which had become so powerful and notoriously evil that they even dared to reach into the realms of the gods and attempt to lay them low, earning the Ire of the Gods and all surface races.

    Additional timelines


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