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Just starting college after recently graduating from high school, so some things take priority and I may not be able to update from time to time. But I take inspiration from everywhere around me, as this is a imaginative outlet for me, I plan on using this as a way to make my own D&D 5e world.

Interests & Hobbies

I enjoy watching anime and reading comics from Webtoon, and world building of course.

Favorite Movies

I like simple things, like a hot cup of coffee on a cold night. I don't really dislike anything or anyone unless I'm really given a reason too. Oh and I like cats and dogs.

Favorite TV Series

Supernatural and Friends

Favorite Books

Goosebumps, The Demon King series, Percy Jackson series, and anything to do with mythology.

Favorite Games

God of War, Tomb Raider, shooting type games like Call of Duty, and some MMORPGS.


Latest Loved work

Radiant City of Sol