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Visual Walkthrough

Welcome to Chimera D10, Hero! Let's make a character together.
  Below is a visual guide to help you fill out and create your first character. All information presented here can be found directly in the Player Guide & Walkthrough. This information does not replace what is in this article, but instead acts as a supplement.  

The Walkthrough

  In this walkthrough, we will go page by page, section by section. Each section will be refered to by their section title or as a header, depending on whether or not a box is present.  
Page One Header
You can always choose to come back and name your character later, but all characters start at level 0 and at zero corruption, unless otherwise agreed upon by the table and your GameMaster (GM).
Page One Origin Story
In your Origin Story, there are no wrong ways to start. Keep in mind, each of your choices will also affect your Attributes below. This will be called a "save bonus" or "score bonus" and will determine what your character is good at. But, don't worry; you won't be locked out of anything to start.   Starting with birthplace, this determines what race and subraces you can choose from, your score bonuses, and a known language. Add the amount of the score bonus to the corresponding attribute, specified there. This determines what your character is. They are a Kingfisher Dracovian from the Ykalu Tribelands, or a Taran from the Brievanan Alliance. Start asking yourself, who took care of your character as they grew up.   The next section determines who your character is. Choose from one of the seven archetypes to get a baseline of personality and behavior. You also get a save bonus Add the amount of the save bonus to the corresponding attribute, specified there. Now, you have a trope you can rely on when roleplaying. Ask yourself, Who was your friend, who supported or challenged your archetype?   As your character grew up, they took on a profession and learned to mingle in certain social circles. Whether you choose a desired social class or profession first, you now have five skills to mark on your attributes table. Each skill will have a different corresponding attribute. Look carefully. And consider, who was the mentor who taught you these skills needed for your profession?   Finally, what is your character's flaw, determined by what their compulsion is. While a driving force behind a character, it can also corrupt them, as shown by what monster they can end up becoming. How did your enemy teach you or show you exactly what your compulsion is? How do they get under your skin and in your way?   With all the answers to your questions so far, move now to Bonds and Traits. Choose from various bonds that match your answers. From there, use the 4 bond you choose to gather a list of traits. You may choose three total traits from the amalgamated list of traits from your four chosen bonds.   Check out the link for more! Origin Story
Page One Attributes
Your character has four Attributes - Body, Mind, Spirit, and Heart. Each of these determine what your character is good at. For example, if they have good reflexes, they have a save bonus to Body. Or, if they are a social butterfly, they have skills in Heart. And maybe, if they are particularly energetic and good with a weapon, they have a high score bonus in Mind.   Your choices in your Origin Story determined what your save, score, and skill proficiencies were. From what is left, we need to determine our Modifier ("Mod" on the character sheet) and Stats (the italic titles below each attribute).   After this is determined, you needs to determine the corresponding score's modifier. A modifier is a number value that is half the value of the score, rounded up, and must have a minimum value of 1. To illustrate, Scores go in a range from 0 - 9; A modifier increases on every odd number: (0 = 1, 1 = 1, 2 = 1, 3 = 2 ... 9 = 5). Modifiers are used to determine a couple of mechanical features within Chimera, as noted in the in greater detail in the Attribute article linked below.  
SCORE 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
MODIFIER 1 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5

Calculating Ability, Energy, Resolve, and Health:

  When you have determined your modifier, you can go stat by stat, using your score to determine your current maximum health, energy, resolve, and abilities.   To find your stat maximum:
  • view the individual stat webpage - linked above
  • consult your attribute's score.
  • view the table to match the score to the stat's corresponding number.
  • To learn more about the rules (such as how modifiers affect rolling, what Stats are mechanically), you can find out the in depth rules here:  
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    Page Two Equipment
    Your character is an adventurer in the whichever Age your table chooses. For your character, their home away from home is what they can carry or what they can craft. As such, it is rare to find one without any equipment.   To calculate what items you have to your name, follow these rules:
    • Each character may choose to take a number of items equal to their personal equipment slots (which is 10), as defined in Equipment. This cannot be added onto, even with abilities such as backpacker
    • If a character chooses a weapon and/or armor, which is highly recommended, these are taken at Rank 1.
    • When choosing a general item (not from the Vehicle & Mount category) the player is limited to choosing items with a Crafting Rank of 1-3. Items without a crafting recipe can be chosen as well.
    • If a character chooses a container as one of their items, the player is still limited to their base 10 slots.
    • Additionally, a character cannot take anything from the Vehicle & Mount category as no size there is listed.
      To view the items, click the link: Equipment
    Page Two Abilities
    Abilities are unique actions that your character can take, either in specific scenarios or generally speaking; the ability will specify which case it falls into, and if it is open to interpretation, the GM is allowed to dictate when the ability can be used.   There are a couple of abilities you get for free during character creation. You get three free racial abilities from your choice in the overview of races, as well as as many free abilities equal to your current abilities stat maximum. Click the link to learn more.   At Level 0, a character begins with a number of Magical , Melee and Ranged , and Utility abilities equal to the player character's ability stat. A player must then choose what abilities they have equipped at each given start of the game day.  
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    Page Three Abilities Known
    This back sheet of optional paper is to help you keep track of all your abilities.   Your character can know more abilities than they can have equipped. Even if your character can only equip 5 abilities, you can have as many abilities as you want when you level-up and gain experience.
    And with that, you have completed your character sheet for a Level 0 character. Congratulations! Not quite sure you got it right? Check out the Written Character Sheet Walkthrough. It will supplement what you have learned and done here and is a good way to check your work.   Please put your feedback down in the comments below; I am always happy to answer questions (when I can get to them) and help out where I can. Thank you!

    Cover image: Art Chimera by Madeline M


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