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Remember, your enemy, as defined in Bonds and Traits, does not have to be a person, and should be thought of as an obstacle your character often faced. Thus, a Compulsion is something you discovered because of your enemy; without meaning to, your enemy showed you something you wanted for yourself, wanted to do for others, etc. It could be something you deeply value and therefore desire, or something that was withheld from you—by circumstance or on purpose.   When looking at each compulsion, this determines your character’s A) deepest desire; it is both a great source of strength but also your greatest weakness. This reveals itself in your character’s B) corrupted form. This form reflects your deepest desire and corrupts your character until your character becomes a monster in sole pursuit of your compulsion.  
In each corrupted form, there will be opportunities to personalize, such as choosing a color or the like.

List of Compulsions:

  Below are a list of compulsions, defined and with bonuses that affect your character. Please choose one compulsion and add the bonus as described below:  


“Just watch me.” - Enji “Endeavor” Todoroki from My Hero Academia
    Choose recognition if your character’s deepest desire is one of the following: 1) to master a or several skills, 2) to be independently successful, 3) to be famous (or infamous), 4) to be known for a discovery or achievement, 5) to prove something.
    Gain the following for choosing recognition:
  • Save Bonus: Add +1 to Mind Saves
  • Corrupted Form: Daemon. Your corrupted form retains a humanoid form, but abandons reason and individuality for the sake of self-preservation as the collective subconscious becomes the fabric of its being.
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1d10 Level II Daemonic Corruption
0-1 A voice crawls into the back of your mind, like an itch that can’t be scratched. To speak back to it, you have to talk out loud.
2-3 Your dominant hand switches to your left hand, and on your left hand, you gain a black mole anywhere you so choose.
4-5 Every scar on your body and every healed wound hereafter is marked by a golden line where it once was wrought.
6-7 You muscles double in size, their definition and tone held taut under your shin which takes on a bronze metal sheen.
8-9 Animals, particularly insects, of all creeds and temperaments are drawn to you, for better or worse. GMs, at any point may roll a 1D10 to see if you are found by one (designated as pass or fail) or many animals(Crit pass, or crit fail), their attitude determines determined by the success or failure of the roll, with half pass being nothing.
1d10 Level III Daemonic Corruption
0-1 You are confidence and the demand to be heard. Mouths form on the palms of your hands. You can eat, drink, and speak with these, and you cannot gain the silenced status effect.
2-3 You are beauty and the privilege of being graced by your presence. You become the pinnacle of your race in features and form. Every NPC you encounter of your same race is drawn to you and is friendly toward you. Every other race must make a mental save or be taken by the same affects.
4-5 You are beastly and the right of might. Your fingernails become retractable claws, you grow horns, a tail, fangs, and tusks, all a bright and flickering a singular metallic color of your choice. Your Horns can act as blunt weapons, tail as flexible weapons, and claws/tusks/fangs as bladed weapons, and will a rank equal to your Weapon Ranked Skill.
6-7 You are secrecy and the fear of the unknown made manifest. Your body darkens as the edges of your body become a cloud-like wisp, the beginning and end of you indistinguishable from your environment. In the dark, your body takes the form of a shadow, eyes becoming white sockets. You can freely disengage and use your movement to move anywhere in a zone where shadow touches. You auto pass agility checks where to move out of a zone in this way.
8-9 You are desire and the wanton will of a free market. There is a hole in your back, deep, dark, and yawning—with the edges jagged and cracked glass. Anything put into this abyss disappears and can never be retrieved. For every object worth 10 Guilder (or the equivalent) placed into the hole, you regain 1 health, and 1 energy. For every creature fed into the hole, you regain 2 resolve and 1 temp health.
1d10 Level IV Daemonic Corruption
0-1 But you are dominated by anxious guilt and the fear of sudden social ostracism. As a result, black, glassy scales grow over the immodest parts of you and bar off these areas and rendering you unable to make or bear a child and all NPC attitudes toward you can never move beyond neutral.
2-3 But the expectations of everyone cripples you. As a grim reflection of this, You are now always bleeding in some way—any fluid you would naturally release is blood, and though your wounds heal, they weep out the edges. When you fail any kind of check, everyone who you have ever known slowly begins to forget about you if they were not there to witness said check.
4-5 But your social mask is strained and insincere to everyone around you. Your body resents this, and in retaliation and need to be seen, your body where uncovered glows with a screaming light; you can return to your normal form for minutes equal to energy spent. Even if covered, you have a red halo of unblinking eyes that circles your head where your eyes used to be. You fail all stealth checks unless you cover yourself completely.
6-7 But to everyone else you are the accessory of entertainment, not a person. Your dehumanization only serves to exacerbate your condition as your hair turns into snakes and your skin turns a pale grey. Even so, everyone believes you are lying to them, and cannot be persuaded to believe anything you say—influence checks autofail.
8-9 But your desire for recognition has made others obsessed and entitled to you. To reflect this, your body below your neck grows gaunt, with your wrinkled skin holding to you like a damp cloth, while your face is pristine and unaffected. People only have a favorable opinion of you when they can see your face, but will otherwise treat you with indifference. Meanwhile, everyone who sees your face knows who you are and has an uncanny desire to learn more about you or follow you. They have advantage on these checks.



“No one is born in this world to be alone” - Luffy from One Piece
    Choose connection if your character’s deepest desire is one of the following: 1) to love or be loved, 2) to have a family, 3) to be a part of a community, 4) to be appreciated/accepted for who you are, 5) to be needed.
  Gain the following for choosing connection:
  • Save Bonus: Add +1 to Heart Saves
  • Corrupted Form: Vampiric. Your corrupted form is treacherous, revealed by their fanged avarice, exacting and rendering sustenance from victims by force.
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1d10 Level II Vampiric Corruption
0-1 You no longer have a reflection nor a shadow
2-3 Your hair turns white and your teeth are replaced by metal, needle-like fangs
4-5 You become the embodiment of everlasting youth, and can change age to present as you please.
6-7 When experiencing an emotional extreme or bloodied, the whites of your eyes become a bright ruby red, and the color from your eyes fades to white.
8-9 You are no longer bound to your corporeal form, and can turn into a crimson mist at-will. You can fit through an inch of space, but you cannot enter into other creatures.
1d10 Level III Vampiric Corruption
0-1 Your extremities claw and redden. When you sing as a quick action, targets who can hear you are bewitched by you and are compelled to move toward you. Any damage done to them or their allies rouses them from their stupor. However, they will not attempt to save their own or their own comrades lives, should they be lured somewhere perilous. Additionally, you can sustain yourself on the misery of others; as such, all who suffer a status effect near you gives you one health and energy per round you are nearby them, and five health and energy per round if you are engaged with them.
2-3 Your face changes into that of a giant vampiric bat. As such, you gain a bite attack you can use as a complex action. Make an attack roll. The damage varies according to what is rolled on a separate 1d10 from the attack check. You gain half this value (minimum 1) as health, and if a target dies as a result of this attack, they come back as your thrall with 5 health, 2 energy, no defense, and do 4 damage on a successful attack.
4-5 You grow a male peacock’s tail feathers and multicolored scales about your body—player’s discretion to color and placement. As a master of illusion, you can alter your appearance (gender, age, and accentuate present features) as well as the appearance of your nearby environment (how do it looks, how detailed and expensive it looks, the lighting). You can extend this to far away adjacent zones at the expense of your reaction. Additionally, when you ask a direct question, people have disadvantage to lie to you (they make a mental save).
6-7 You gain flightless moth wings that can unfold or shiver out dazzling scales. Unfolding your wings as a quick action causes the dead and any recent corpses in an area to rise to serve you—if any are present. Those who are unconscious make a mental save or rise to serve you on a failed save. All who rise to serve you have 10 health, 5 energy, no defense, and do 2 damage. If an unconscious target is reduced to zero hit points, they simply fall unconscious again, and the ability will not work on them a second time. These dead (and unconscious) act on your turn and obey your mental commands. Shivering your wings causes you to become invisible as a reaction.
8-9 Your legs are replaced with the body of a spider allowing you to walk along the walls and ceiling and your neck is able to extend to all nearby at-will. As a quick action, you can sustain an aura of suffocation to any who engage with your head.
1d10 Level IV Vampiric Corruption
0-1 Your form buckles and hunches, your head's skull transforming into that of a slack-jawed horse with wide white eyes with the features of whatever your cursed face hold now. elongating into a fleshy, hairless, and grotesque mass. You take +2 to incoming damage when in the sun.
2-3 all but your face wrinkles and ages to that of a humanoid on their deathbed in appearance only. You gain a form of immortality, such that you can only be killed by another of your kind— a Vampiric corrupted monster, sucking your blood. This would be a boon, were it not that they all have advantage to hit you.
4-5 You must steal the breathe of those around you, akin to draining their blood, but you can no longer enter into a place without being invited nor cross through running water.
6-7 When you awake each day, you lose proficiency in your Speciality skills until you drink blood. If you do not consume blood by the end of the day, your ears become wings and your head detaches from your body to feast for you. Each time this occurs, you lose 1 from your health maximum.You must steal the breathe of those around you, akin to draining their blood, but you can no longer enter into a place without being invited nor cross through running water. 4 When you awake each day, you lose proficiency in your Speciality skills until you drink blood. If you do not consume blood by the end of the day, your ears become wings and your head detaches from your body to feast for you. Each time this occurs, you lose 1 from your health maximum.
8-9 All of your body but your shoulders, clavicle, and head turn into that of a bird’s (of your choice) which matches your own proportions. You can now only eat raw meat and drink blood, (both of which go rancid in a day’s time unless prevented by magical means).



“This is to go even further beyond! AAAAAAAAAA—!” - Goku from Dragon Ball
    Choose ambition is your charater’s deepest desire is one of the following: 1) to gain power, 2) to live long/forever, 3) to be wealthy, 4) to rule, 5) to influence through creation.
  Choosing ambition gives you:
  • Save Bonus: Add +1 to Spirit Saves
  • Corrupted Form: Accursed. You corrupted form perpetuates the body against its nature and long past its time, become a writhing and hollowed mass of defiant and desirous flesh.
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1d10 Level II Accursed Corruption
0-1 You become cold to the touch as your skin peels back particularly and hangs from you like a tattered rug which exposes your guts, muscle, and bone, in a way you decide; perhaps when you open your mouth, perhaps it folds on your shoulders like a grotesque hood, or perhaps your rib cage becomes exposed.
2-3 Your skin turns sickly and pale as your clothes and hair writhe as though you are underwater.
4-5 Your guts squirm within you, mouths forming now at odd intervals inside you. They replace your muscles, wrapping around your bones. You gain mouth-like appendages where you so choose.
6-7 Your hair thins as your face completely covers over with skin, save your mouth but not your lips. You can still see.
8-9 Your bones are like vines; they are still stiff, but can break and reorient, grow and regrow, but most terrifying yet, they can split into new directions.
1d10 Level III Accursed Corruption
0-1 Your skull erupts into that of an fanged and antlered deer, and your original face runs away. As a quick action, you can turn into this fanged deer creature for as long as you please. And as a reaction, you can sense any heartbeats around you.
2-3 You cough up your heart, which still beats outside you. After this, You glow and become slightly transparent as you float just ever so slightly off the ground from time to time.. You can use your reaction to become incorporeal and pass through solid objects and people, and you can use your quick action to possess objects and other targets (with a mental save—on success, possession fails and they cannot be retargetted).
4-5 Your head (with the neck) falls off and scurries away. In it’s place, is a single spectral eye at throat level with translucent rows of canine fangs that encase it, akin to macabre eyelashes. When you make a foe go unconscious, your single eye locks onto them, erasing who they were and creating a thrall fully devoted to you. They have 10 health, 5 energy, no defense, and do 2 damage.
6-7 Suddenly, all of your teeth fall out, and your face lengthens, twists, and stretches into a horrific expression of death personified—unfeeling and eternal. To reflect this, you can now attack limbs to yourself as additions or replacements. It is up to the GM if the limbs impart benefits in and of themselves, but otherwise you gain this benefit; attacking with these limbs is a quick action, doing one damage per additional limb (outside your basic anatomy) attached.
8-9 Your skin detaches from you and flies off, revealing your shadowy form that writhes at the edges. When you make attacks, you can take back half damage as health.
1d10 Level IV Accursed Corruption
0-1 Your neck extends and the bones in your arms and feet compress into a single and hatefully sharp bone per limb, as though you are on stilts. You can no longer use your hands, but your bone that has replaced your arms count as bladed weapons.
2-3 You gain immortality, tied to the object you lost during the second phase of your corruption, but upon it’s destruction, you too perish.
4-5 Your wounds no longer heal, but instead char and smoke, a fiery heat and light radiating from your chest. You lose half your maximum health.
6-7 Whatever form you take, it blackens and becomes enshrouded in ever-shifting and blinking eyes. In order to gain benefits from resting, you must eat the dreams of others, giving them terrible nightmares.
8-9 You gain a form of immortality, and it marks you with a small hole in your chest that grows where your heart is/used to be to be, slowly consuming you. To prevent it from consuming you, you must avoid dying more than 5 times. When you die, you lose all of your memories you have accumulated, resetting back to the very moment you gained this level of corruption. On the fifth time, however, your body ceases to exist, and is swallowed by the abyss.



“It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life.” - Bilbo Baggins from Lord of the Rings
    Choose connection if your character’s deepest desire is one of the following: 1) to provide for others, 2) to help yourself and/or others grow, 3) to be reliable, 4) to settle down and have a quiet life, 5) to create peace.
  Gain the following for choosing stability:
  • Save Bonus: Add +1 to Body Saves
  • Corrupted Form: Chimeric. Your corrupted form amalgamates the most hideous and dangerous animalistic elements, contorting limbs into tortured living husks.
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1d10 Level II Chimeric Corruption
0-1 You grow a number of tails equal to the rank(s) of magic you hold, minimum 1. They appear as you choose.
2-3 Your wrists and ankles acquire feathery hairs, and you grow a mane around your chin and down your back.
4-5 You grow horns, antlers, spikes or quills.
6-7 Your lower half fuses together into a scaley snake or slithering fish-like body.
8-9 You grow wings, or the skeletal structure of wings, and while you can glide with them, they go not allow you to fly
1d10 Level III Chimeric Corruption
0-1 You gain a quilled stinger, which can either shoot quills at 1d10 targets nearby and inflict bleeding status effect on hit, or instead target one engaged target and do 2 damage and cause the poisoned status effect on hit.
2-3 Your limbs elongate as your hands and feet become leathery and feathered talons. You can now reach enemies nearby, to the GM's discretion.
4-5 Your face and torso become the form of a featherless owl with as many eyes as a spider (your choice). You can see in the dark, magical or otherwise, and you can gain feathers (plumage to your discretion) the more you read.
6-7 At first, nothing happens, but you have gained a form of immortality. When a limb is damaged beyond beyond repair, when an organ fails, etc, it's replacement grows. If a limb is cut off or severed, two more grow back in it's place. And when your body ages and naturally dies, you regrow an entire other body, your dead other still clinging to you. Slowly, you become a horrendous mass of flesh as you reach through the years.
8-9 A goat's head erupts from your back, and is quiet except when it casts spells, bleating and screaming. It knows five spells.
1d10 Level IV Chimeric Corruption
0-1 All of your body, except your face and other corruption effects, turn into that of a lion, and your teeth into that of a shark's. You lose the ability to eat anything but meat, and you can no longer access your personal slots for equipment.
2-3 Your body bloats and blisters as slime and scales grow from what once was your original skin. You take on the appearance, spare your face but not it's skeletal structure, of a sea creature. You cannot breathe underwater or hold your breathe without any special abilities, but you require twice as much water per day, or to completely soak our body up to your shoulders for 10 minutes per day. Not doing so gives you the exhaustion status effect.
4-5 Flesh folds onto itself over your eyes as horns erupt from your eyebrows, and your mouth transforms into a beak. To see, you must scream.
6-7 Your body grows double it’s size, hunches over, as your head shifts into that of a Goat’s with a third eye, as your legs break and bend backwards taking the form of goat’s legs. You break any small item you would hold, and you lose all languages but one.
8-9 Your body lengthens at your torso and waist, scales growing in the space you used to be, as you transform into the warped and curling draconic form. You can no longer wear armor and clothing.

Cover image: Art Chimera by Madeline M


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