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Heart Attribute


Your speciality is what gives you your force of personality, your instincts, and is a measure of your experience in the world and with others.
Skills under your Speciality Score include basic skills like Spine, Influence, Pretend, Leadership, Empathy, and a ranked skill--Craft.

Speciality Skills

  • Gut - These are the hairs that raise on the back of your neck, unexplained chills, the voice that whispers when something isn’t quite right; but it is also the voice that pulls you on gut feelings alone, when you just know something will work, and small things you do that, while neurotic, might just keep you alive. When checking your instinctual feelings, you roll for gut.
  • Influence - This measures how well you are able to affect another target's or a group's decision-making through through persuasion, coerce for humanoid, synthetic, and beast. This also measures your ability to find and gather information from people and in social surroundings.
  • Pretend - Pretend measures your character's ability to act whether that means deceiving or entertaining another. You may also use this ability to blend into a social situation without outright hiding and communicate without speaking.
  • Leadership - This skill determines your ability to appear as a source of authority, your ability to lead and to command others whether by bravado or competence alone.
  • Empathy When seeking to understand where another person is coming from, why they might feel the way they do, or to give context to their reactions or responses from what you can interpret from body language, tone, and circumstance alone, one uses Empthay.
  • Craft - Your character uses this ability to create items with available resources based on skill's rank. Successful rolls then determine how well the item is crafted, if at all, and its value.

Speciality Save

Your self-control and how you present yourself dictate if you can recover from social accident and anxiety. When a social Save is failed, this represents one succumbing to temptation, or making a noticeable faux pas that garners negative attention.  

Stat: Ability

This Stat determines the number of abilities a character can have equipped at one time. The ability Stat does not determine how many abilities the character knows, but is used at level 0 to give them as many abilities as they can know.  
Score 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Abilities Equipped 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 9 10
  For further information and a list of abilities, see here:  
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