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Mind Attribute


Your expertise is your character's acquired and learned knowledge, and as such measures their ability to recall, reason, and learn.
Skills under your Expertise Score include basic skills Knowledge, Interface, Etiquette, Mercantile, Aid, and a ranked skill--Weapon.

Expertise Skills

  • Knowledge - Determines if your character knows the right piece of information. This skill is only for general knowledge, though GMs may choose to have this be for a specific piece of information, or recalling information, or otherwise. General knowledge ranges from information about magic, nature, religions, culture, lore, technology, and other knowledge not otherwise elsewhere specified.
  • Interface - Measures your character's ability to find and research any kind of information whether by the use of technology or interacting with people; it also measures your ability to interact with and utilize objects you have never seen before.
  • Etiquette - When seeking to exercise a tactful and polite demeanor, whether by engaging is civil conversation, making an amicable conversation or request with the thought to gain favor with kindness and respect, you roll with Etiquette. The GM may also extend the definition of this skill to include culturally-specific knowledge.
  • Mercantile - Bartering and haggling are a daily part of life. As well, it is especially for an adventurer to be able to identify items, magical or not, to know their true market value.
  • Aid - This determines your ability to diagnose ailments magical and nonmagical, as well as know their various symptoms, treatments, or other medical remedies. Using this skill on a target can remove one condition per skill spent (unless it is critical or pushed), or stabilize a creature. On a critical fail, the opposite can happen depending on GM discretion.
  • Weapon Your character uses this ranked skill to determine what weapons a character can wield. When attacking, or trying to hit a target, a player makes an attack roll. A number of die are rolled based on the weapon’s rank.

Mental Save

Your logical capacity and experience dictate your mental acuity and how stable it is. When a Mental Save is failed, the strain of the mental work begins to wear on the player character.  

Stat: Energy

Energy is used to fuel specific character actions: energy is used for skill rolls, it determines if a character can take additional actions during a Scenario, or might be called to be used by the GM to give a pass a check at the expense of one energy should the check be easy but still require effort. In Combat Scenarios, the amount of energy a player character has determines their turn in the order of combat--initiative.  
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