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Archetypes are a way of helping players get settled in playing a particular kind of character. There are 8 main archetypes, with mottoes, goals, fears, and other archetypes they like and dislike. They are not meant to pigeonhole or shoehorn anyone into a particular style, but instead give players idea of where their characters ideals are.   Archetypes also are doubly important within social scenes, where being a particular kind of archetype can lend an NPC to favor or dislike you--article is linked for further reading.   If you have trouble deciding which Archetype to choose or want fate or plastics manufacturing to choose for you, grab a d10 and roll for it: Click For Table
1d10 Archetype
0 Reroll. Take next applicable option
1 Hero
2 Everyman
3 Trickster
4 Caregiver
5 Mentor
6 Lancer
7 Artisan
8 Explorer
9 Roll Twice. Pick between two applicable options.

List of Archetypes

  • Hero. Favors the Everyman, Dislikes the Lancer. "Someone has to do something!" - Winston, Overwatch
    A Hero's goal is to make a difference, but they fear they may be too weak or may not be enough to make a difference.
    Save Bonus: Add +1 to your body attribute's physical save
  • Everyman. Favors the Caregiver, Dislikes the Hero. "There is no secret ingredient. It's just you." - Po, Kung Fu Panda
    An Everyman's goal is to belong, and they fear standing out.
    Save Bonus: Add +1 to your heart attribute's social save
  • Trickster. Favors the Lancer, Dislikes the Everyman. "And I aim to misbehave." - Cpt. Malcom Reynolds, Firefly
    A Trickster's goal is to instigate change, but they fear being like everyone else.
    Save Bonus: Add +1 to your spirit attribute's will save
  • Caregiver. Favors the Explorer, Dislikes the Trickster. "I just wanted to save everyone." - Steven Universe, Steven Universe
    A Caregiver's goal is to support others, and they fear being a burden.
    Save Bonus: Add +1 to your spirit attribute's will save
  • Mentor. Favors the Hero, Dislikes the Explorer. "All we have to decide is what to do with the time we are given." - Gandalf the Grey, Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
    A Mentor's goal is to learn and share knowledge, and they fear being ignorant and repetitive.
    Save Bonus: Add +1 to your mind attribute's mental save
  • Lancer. Favors the Mentor, Dislikes the Caregiver. "I will prove myself." - Brigitte, Overwatch
    The Lancer's goal is to be the best, and they fear stagnation.

  • Save Bonus: Add +1 to your mind attribute's mental save  
  • Artisan. Favors the Trickster, Dislikes the Artisan. "Inspiration unlocks the future." - Giovanni B. Caproni, The Wind Rises
    An Artisan's goal is to create and invent, but they fear being mediocre.
    Save Bonus: Add +1 to your heart attribute's social save
  • Explorer. Favors the Artisan, Dislikes the Mentor. "Whatever happens, happens." - Spike Spiegle, Cowboy Bebop
    An Explorer's goal is to be free to discover, and they fear being imprisoned or trapped.
    Save Bonus: Add +1 to your body attribute's physical save
    Can all you D&D fans see how desperately I am trying to get away from the Alignment System here? Is it super obvious?

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