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A profession is gained based on the PC’s relationship to their mentor. A profession here represents one’s general line of work. A profession also determinebut also their social circles—who you learned to get along with and who you might know. The PC’s specific profession is left vague here as it is to be discussed with your GM depending on the overall setting the game takes place in (a stonemason in a medieval setting might simply be an engineer in a more modern setting).   Additionally, when choosing your profession, you also gain a total of four skills—three predetermined and one you may choose. With these skills added to your character sheet, you are considered proficient in them.  

List of Social Circles and Profession

Choose one social circle below. Once a social circle is chosen, choose one of the general professions. After choosing your general profession, add the listed skills to your character sheet and choose two more skills. To view what each skill does, you can go to the score guides for speciality, expertise, and fitness.  
Social Circle Profession Skill List
Undesirables Criminal, Mercenary, or Vagabond Gut, Pretend, Sneak, and two more of player choice
Working Poor Laborer or Wilder Empathy, Agility, Force, and two more of player choice
Commonfolk Artisan, Soldier, or Civil Servant Gut, Mercantile, Sleight, and two more of player choice
Middlemen Merchant or Academic Knowledge, Mercantile, Perception, and two more of player choice
The Clothe Clergy or Mage Leadership, Etiquette, Aid, and two more of player choice
Elites Noble or Royal Influence, Leadership, Knowledge, and two more of player choice
When choosing a profession, reflect back on the mentor bond and who you chose for that relationship. Why did your relationship with your mentor lead you to hang around these specific types of social circles? Does your character like what skills they gained form their line of work? —why?

Social Circles and NPC attitudes

GMs, when looking at the social circles for your players, determine if this will affect or influence an NPC’s attitude toward. Player in their Social Scene.

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