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Resolve allows players several different actions, all to twist the wheel of fortune to suit the player. The uses one has for their resolve die is determined by whether they are placed in the "Player Pool" or the "Table Pool".  

Player Pool Resolve

The "Player Pool" is for personal use. The player character can use it to add die to skill checks, and reroll both save and action checks. Unlike taking the Help Action (which gives advantage die to a check before the outcome is known), resolve can be taken after the outcome is known. This is because adding resolve is still a gamble: For any check, the resolve die outcome must be taken over the prior die roll.   Resolve is high risk high reward! If you roll a fail using your resolve die for a check, you cannot add more die with resolve to try again.  

Table Pool Resolve

The "Table Pool" is where all other players can donate; using resolve from this pool can heal up to 9 health, regain up to 9 energy, and add to damage--all per one resolve die spent. These die are not rolled but instead spent, and simply removed.   When die are used, they are discarded.  

Using Corruption

As noted in Corruption: By a player willingly choosing and taking a point of corruption, a player character can regain all health, remove all energy debt and regain full energy, remove all status effects, and regain all resolve die. This is a free action, does not cost energy, and therefore can be done at anytime. -- GMs, this is a powerful tool, can disincline a party to rest, and can make any after-scenario rewards pale in comparison, but bear in mind that Corruption is near incurable. Narratively, it is an occupational hazard of all adventurers.

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