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Phernol Slums

At one time, decades ago, Phernol district was a prosperous and welcoming place.  No one living there now would ever believe you if you told them that.   Phernol is a slum filled with the most desperate and downtrodden citizens in the whole of Spiral City.  A more vile and wreched place does not exist outside of the Wastelands. The polititians are so corrupt that the word has lost all meaning here.  The many gangs here are in a perpetual state of war with each other.  No mater how bad your life is in the rest of the city, you can say with confidence that at least you're not in Phernol.   If, on the other hand, one wished to buy or ship illicit goods, then Phernol district is the one stop shop for all your smuggling needs.  If you need humans, whole or in parts, then The Vulture Clan is your go to connection.  For everything else, check out The Chosen for a more reliable, and less likely to betray you, experience.


Those who can't afford to live anywhere else in Spiral City, live here in the Phernol slums.  For as long as they can manage to live at least.


The rampant corruption of the bureaucrats in this district are held up as asperational goals but those in power in other districts.  Privately, that is.   There are at least three governmental bureaucrats under investigation or in court at any given time.  Many news-vids begin with "In Phernol distict tonight ..."

Industry & Trade

The Nu Horizons Energy Plant is within Phernol, even though it is quite litteraly walled off from the rest of the district.  This brings in a considerable sum to the district government, and some little of that makes it past the corrupt bureaucrats.  The poorer residents often make ends meet by engaging in the thriving illicit smuggling industry of the district.


There is very little structure in this district's infrastructure.  The roadways are not maintained, and collapsed in many places.  Many buildings are abandoned, and those that have residents should probably be condemned.  Repairs are haphazard and not up to code.
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