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The Chosen

The Chosen are an idealistic gang following a specific philosophy of cosmopolitan prioritarianism. Or, basically, help those who need it most, even (or especially) if you have to steal or kill to acomplish it. Because of their generally beneficial actions, the government of Spiral City tends to leave them alone. They don't get the same consideration from the corporations.   This gang is based in the Phernol Slums, a poverty stricken district that has been all but forgotten by the rest of Spiral City. The main source of income for The Chosen is smuggling. Drugs, guns, food, cyberware, vehicles, practically anything a person could want, The Chosen have smuggled.  The only thing they won't smuggle is human organs.  While based in Phernol district, when actively smuggling, The Chosen operate throughout the city, and the near outskirts as well.   Being a relatively altruistic gang, The Chosen often find themselves in conflict with other, more self-interested, gangs in the city.  One excessivly bloody rivalry is with The Vultures.  Conversly, The Chosen have a kind of non-aggression understanding with the Shadow Blades gang of the neighboring Eastgate district.  The deets on the streets suggest that the leader of The Chosen, Rico Sharpe has clandestine meetings with Bella the Blade, Leader of the Shadow Blades, about once a month. Some corporate security alalysts are concerned that these secret meetings could lead to a larger multi-gang conflict, and are attempting to keep eyes on the situation.   The Chosen have recently stolen some very valuable high-end cyberware. They are looking to off-load the items through a Fence before the victim of the theft brings heat down on them.

Public Agenda

We take what's ours.  We protect our own. Phernol slums belong to us.


The goodwill of the residents of the Phernol slums.

Swift and Bold

Illicit, Gang
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Notable Members

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