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The Vulture Clan

Chrome Gang

The Vultures thrive in the Phernol district. They reap the misery and misfortune of those living in these slums through organ theft and organ smuggling.   The Vul philosophy holds that flesh has no intrinsic value outside of the credits that it can be sold for. As a result of this thought process, this gang is deeply into cyberware modifications. The closser one gets to total body replacement, the higher in rank one becomes within the gang. This also means that their leadership is always on the bleeding edge of a psychotic break. The members of this gang view themselves as more of a family, or clan, than an actual gang. They hold the lives of themselves and other clan members in little regard, and the lives of outsiders with no regard whatsoever.   The Vulture Clan is currently lead by Banger.  His cyber modifications are extensive enough that it is unlikely that his sanity will hold for very much longer.  Once he's gone, there will be an "election" to determine the next leader of the clan.  This so called election consists of all who wish to be in charge entering a maze of cargo containers and fighting it out till only one remains standing.   Recently, while returning from an organ raid into the Eastgate district, the clan lost two of its more powerful enforcers to an ambush by The Chosen.  Spike (who had a device in his right cyberarm that launched metal spikes with great force) and Scorch (whose left arm was actually a flame-thrower) were highly effective combatants, but were no match for three missile launcher strikes in rapid succession.  While Banger is unconcerned with the loss of life, he does regret the loss of useful hardware.  He has ordered his Vultures to find and aquire some high-end cyberware to upgrade and improve his remaining enforcers.


Flesh is a weakness. Emotions are a failure. Embrace the chrome revulution!


Many cyberware parts.  Most of these installed in various gang members.     They also have access to several cyberdocs. Some of whom aid in the harvesting of organs as well as working on cyberware.

Flesh Must Die

Illicit, Gang
Alternative Names
The Vultures, The Vul
Training Level
Banger by Liam Requiem

Cover image: by Liam Requiem


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