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Eastgate is named for the reinforced structure that all transport vehicles pass through before leaving the city and entering the mountain passage that leads to the wastelands of the inner continent.   The Umbral Market is located within the Eastgate District. Most goods and services of questionable legality can be found at this black market location. It is protected by the Shadow Blades gang and their leader, Bella Esch.   This poor district has seen much upheaval and destruction over the years. Parts of it have been razed and rebuilt so many times that the district is practically a maze of alleys, corridors, courtyards, and warrens. Only locals can confidently find their way around here, and vehicles bigger than a motorcycle may find it impossible to get into areas not near a highway.   Local Bureaucrats:
  • Reid Wynn (Family, related to someone of greater importance or influence, Virtue: Hates underhanded schemes and plots, Vice: Reckless desire for fame and glory, )
  • Anya Cayne (Money, being unusually wealthy for someone in their position, Virtue: Thoughtful and not given to quick anger, Vice: Lies even when it’s not terribly useful, )
  • Aman Haro (Wisdom, able to discern a practical path to their desires even when all is murky, Virtue: Courage of unusual degree. Vice: Has fits of violent anger, 
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