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Spiral City

Life is cheap, but the story never ends

Spiral City is a walled megalopolis in the Starlight Coast region of the continent Aetherica, on the planet Athys, in the Tantalus Star System.   Spiral City is a brightly glowing neon beacon of dichotomies.  Immense wealth and abject poverty.  Uncomprimizing loyalty and unexpected betrayals.  Technological marvels and mind-numbing nightmares.  This is a city of stories, some end in triumph, most end in tragedy.   The city was walled off from the outside world many decades past in order to protect it from the unlicensed fauna descending from the Jophiel Mountains, and to keep the lawless nomadic clans outside as well. There is currently only one functioning gate leading out of the city, and it is located in the Eastgate district.  Detailed screening and armed guards keep those without permition from getting to the other side of these massive walls.   In a city where everyone keeps score, some scores are festering wounds waiting to erupt in violence.  Lifetimes of betrayals, murders, larceny and other transgressions, both real and immagined, keep people constantly looking over their sholder for the next danger to arrive.  Everyone has done someone wrong in this town, so watch out for yourself.  
From lowest to the highest, everyone trys to get ahead. They plot, scheme, hustle and conspire, all to gain a few more creds.
— Jaguar Grey, street performer


The government of Spiral City is incompetent at best. More often it is corrupt and self serving.  Polititians and beureaucrats trying to line their pockets with credits faster than their colleagues is the norm here.  Sometimes they behave even worse than that.



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