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Jophiel Mountain Range

I can see my arcology from here

The Jophiel mountains run along the inner edge of the western seaboard of Aetherica. Seperating the Starlight Coast from the Radiated Wastelands of the inner continent.   There are seven distinct high peaks in this mountain range. These peaks are named: Zephyr, Boryon, Nothys, Skyron, Kaikys, Yruis, and Mysus. Collectivly they are known as the grand peaks.    Legend has it that these seven peaks, reaching up out of the cloud cover, were the first part of Athys that the colony ship's landing crafts first saw as they descended to the planet more than 5900 years ago.

Localized Phenomena

At certain times of the year, unusual electrical discharges eminate from the peaks of the Jophiel mountains. The cause of this phenomenon is currently unknown. The mountain guides call them lightning-wraiths, and try to scare the more foolish tourists with haunting tales of the dead coming back to knock others off the mountain out of jealousy and spite.

Fauna & Flora

The eastern side of this range is home to many deadly creatures and unlicensed fauna.  These strange beasts and plants that are common on the eastern faces of these moutains rarely cross to the western side.  But they do occasionally, and sometime even make it into civilization.


No matter what planet you're on, if there's a mountain, there will be humans trying to climb it with a rope and a few shards of metal. There is a thriving tourism business in providing training, gear, and guides to pompous C-level executives seeking to gain clout by reaching the summit of all seven of the grand peaks of this mountain range.     Many budget guides can be hired on the cheap for those lower level executives trying to impress their way up the corporate ladder with extreem experiential clout. But you get what you pay for, and many of these climbers don't make it back from the mountain.  The Jophiel mountains are also outside of TMS International's service coverage.
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