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Mother Cavadra


Tara Fortuna

"Psychic"   Mother Cavadra is a well regarded Fixer in Spiral City.  Her typical clients lean towards the superstitious, but she'll work with anyone that she sees the advantage of being in good with. Sometimes this leads to her working with questionable clients, which can lead to interesting problems for her operators.   In the few years since she opened shop in Spiral City, she's gained a reputation for often paying better than other Fixers in the city, and even being able to schedule jobs for operators who might be too hot for any other Fixer to work with.   She leans into the psychic fortune-teller shtick hard enough that many believe it to be true.   Her personal style is a sharp looking boho-chic asthetic that sells her cultivated image perfectly.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Tara was born in The Radiated Wastelands where she learned many survival skills.  The greatest skill she learned was knowing when to get out of there.  In her early 20's she crossed the Jophiel Mountains into the Starlight Coast region.  Travelling amngst the corporate cities and arcologies, she began to craft her Mother Cavadra perona.  In those early days, she presented herself as a wise beyond her years, but slightly naive, fortune-teller. All the while stealing credits and unattended valuables left lying around by her marks.   She gained many valuable contacts and associates over the years. Then one day she realized that she was no longer wise beyond her years. So, with the wisdom of her years, she decided to settle down in Spiral City to collect her "retirement".  Utilizing her extensive network of contacts, she works as a respected Fixer and partime con-woman.
Current Location
grey to red ombré
127 lbs.

Cover image: by Liam Requiem


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