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The Tantalus Star System

The star Tantalus is orbited by eight planets and three asteroid belts   Tantalus Star
  • Tantalus I - Perathus
  • Asteroids - Aegis Belt
  • Tantalus II - Kadusys
  • Tantalus III - Plynta
  • Tantalus VI - Athys, Moon: Niobe
  • Tantalus V - Dyeus
  • Asteroida - Xiphos Belt
  • Tantalus VI - Tethys , Moons: Aurae, Dryane, Krynae, Meliae, Neriad, Oread, Pegiad
  • Tantalus VII - Oceanus
  • Tantalus VIII - Rheian
  • Asteroids - Thorax Belt

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