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Tantalus VI

Gas giant with seven moons   Moons:
  • Aurae - Windswept moon. Strip mining operations on surface.
  • Dryane - Forest moon. Covered in strange plant life, and stranger animal life.
  • Krynae - Ice moon.  Warm living ocean underneath. Specialized "wells" grant access. 
  • Meliae - Mildly volcanic moon. Covered in ash. Large "Ironwood" trees grow here, a super dense luxury item
  • Neriad - Water moon.  Amazing sea life.
  • Oread - Rocky moon.  High mining value. Many expeditions lost here. Considered to be cursed.
  • Pegiad - Geysers that reach space.  Odd, rare and valuable crystals. Can't be recovered by heavy industry. Must be mined by hand.
Alternative Name(s)
Tantalus VI
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Cover image: by Liam Requiem


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