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The Quantum Ogre

Spaceport Dive Bar

The Quantum Ogre is the archtype of a clandestine meeting place wrapped in the slightly sticky shell of a seedy dive bar. During the day the outside of the building is non-descript and unremarkable, melding easily into the surrounding environment of its neighboring structures with a brutalistic style typical for most big cities on Athys. At night it becomes a bright neon island shining out against the encroaching darkness. On the inside, the Quantum Ogre is a sensory overloading clash of bright flashing neon light and subtly brooding darkened corners.   Situated near the space port, the Quantum Ogre makes an excellent stopping off point for those agents and operators on their way off-world, or those just arriving from the outlands of the Tantalus System. Here in the dark and discreet corners is the perfect place to connect with one of the many Fixers who regularly frequent this bar. These fixers always have dangerous jobs of, at best, questionable legality with plenty of credits to be earned for the individuals with the right skill-sets. And in the more illuminated sections of the bar, with the pulsing thump of the dance music, is the perfect place for one to be seen in the scene, as it were.   Basil "Raven" Blacklock is the owner of the Quantum Orgre. He is a "retired" smuggler, and was a well known name in the "industry" many years ago. In addition to running the bar, Basil will broker the occasional deal as a fixer, but only for his favorite clientele.   Alicynth Maquette is the head bartender. While she never talks about her past, or about herself in any degree, she has an encyclopeidic knowledge of mixed drinks and cocktails. The regulars often try to stump her with rare and unusual drink names. She has yet to fail in any of these friendly challenges.   Mahir Olveth is the Ogre's bouncer. He's an imposing sight at 6'4", with chromed eyes, reinforced muscles, and dermal armoring.  More than one drunk has accused Mahir of being the titular ogre of the bar's name.
The Quantum Ogre by Liam Requiem
Alternative Names
The Ogre
Parent Location

Cover image: Neon Bar by Liam Requiem


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