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Fixers function as the intermediators between those who need illicit deeds done, and those capable of commiting those deeds. They make sure operatives get paid for their services, and that the client gets the best team possible to deliver results on the mission.   Fixers, quite literally, fix things. Whatever you want, need or need done, they know it, have it, know where it is, or know who can get it. All for a reasonable price.   And if you're looking for credits, and willing to cross the line of legality, a Fixer will have an apparently endless list of job offers for someone with your particular skill set.  Don't worry about the danger, because you can only die once.



Fixers are high risk salesmen. if you can talk a corporate executive into paying you an exorbitane sum to aquire sensitive information from a rival, you might have what it take to be a Fixer. Can you convince dangerous people to put themselves in dangerous situations and still deliver what you're after, then you might have what it takes to be a Fixer.  If you make friends eveywhere you go, and remember all their secrets too, you might have what it takes ... Well, you know how this song goes.

Career Progression

The Fixers career is fundamentally based on their successes.  The more completed missions, the more power and influence a Fixer can amass. The more they can charge their clients.  The more they charge their operatives in finder fees.  Go big or die small.  This drive for bigger and better payoffs tends to be a self fufilling prophesy, as there are excedingly few old Fixers.



Fixers can be found working almost anywhere.  But social locations, like bars and clubs, are their prefered venues.

Dangers & Hazards

When dealing with dangerous individuals, and those willing to pay for those dangerous individuals, painful death is always the most prominent hazard.
Ocasionally, on the rarest of rare occurences, a Fixer will have a completely legal job prospect.  Of course, these never go to plan.   At best a Fixer works in the grey, but is often deep in the black of illicit and illegal acts and machinations.

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Dec 8, 2023 14:59 by Marc Zipper

This is a excellent descriptionof a fixer that I picture for Sgadow run. I really love all this go big or go home references with the dark twist to it

Let's have fun creating the impossible, building new worlds, and all types of possibilities. Valcin
Dec 14, 2023 13:50

Always love an info broker. Cannot overstate how much they bring to a society behind closed doors.