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Nu Horizons Energy Plant

the electricity produced by Nu Horizons powers the entirety of Spiral City.   This was the thirteenth Flux Reactor facility constructed by SEU. When it was built a few decades ago, the Phernol District in which it was built was a respectable and thriving district. In the years since then, the Phernol district has inexorably declined into the misery ladden slum that it is now. In apparent response to this decline, Nu Horizons Facility 13 has become fortress like in appearance.    Most entrances to the facility have been sealed off, and the on-site employees arrive to work via a private internal subway line.  The outer terminal for this subway service is located at an undisclosed location outside of the Phernol district.  Empliyees are implanted with a bio-inhibitor chip which keeps them from being able to communicate how they get to work without hindering their ability to actually get to work.   Once a month, in the evening, an unmarked truck documented to contain reactor waste product leaves Facility 13, and returns before the next morning.  These are the only known times the front gates are ever opened.   Locals in the Phernol slums tell tales of things escaping from Nu Horizons to haunt the night streets and devour the unwary.  An unrelated governmental factiod indicates that the Phernol slums have higher per-capita incidents of homisidal mutilations than any other district in Spiral City.


Brutal functionalitybest defines the architectural decisions made while constructing this facility.  Everywhere you look, there are sharp corners, stark bare walls, and exceedingly few windows.


High outer walls topped with razor wire surround the Nu Horizons reactor facility.  Signs on those walls warn that bloodthirsty guard beasts patrol constantly on the other side of those walls.  On top of the facility itself are several automated anti-aircraft guns that are programmed to shoot down anything flying into their airspace without the proper authorization transponder.  Those living nearby can occasionally hear these gun emplacements activate to take out the random large bird or drone that got too close.


No unscheduled visitors allowed, under penalty of death.
Alternative Names
Facility 13
Power plant
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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