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Colveri Flux Reactor

Just over three hundred years ago, Preston Colveri excavated and recovered the star-drives of the colony ships that brought humanity to the planet Athys in the Tantalus System.  He was a brilliant and driven engineer, and reverse engineered the drives and then repurposed them to invent an energy production reactor.  This is beyond incredible considering that there was no available documentation for these ancient devices at that time.  Nor had Preston even heard of Dr. Anton Marigold, the Terran inventor who first created the star-drives several thousand years before.   The original star-drives were designed to access the Folding Dimension which allowed starships to travel great distances effectively at faster than light speeds.  Colveri used the principles of the star-drives to create a reactor that could hold its reaction mass in flux, contained in a shift field bubble suspended between dimensions.  The effect of this proccess created inconceivable amounts of energy, and just a modicum of toxic waste byproducts.  The fact that this waste was psychotropic, hallucinogenic, and mutagenic was considered to be of little concern by Mr. Colveri.   With this wonderous technology in hand, Preston Colveri founded Subversal Energies Unlimited to license his Flux Reactors to those cities and nations who could pay the astronomical licensing fee.   A tightly held secret about the Colveri Flux Reactor is that those engineers and mainenance personnel who work closely with the device tend to slowly decend into madness.

Social Impact

Those who have access to this tech benefit from nearly unlimited free power.
Preston Calveri
Access & Availability
There are 39 Colveri Flux Reactors in the Tantalus System
Made from forgotten technology from lost Terra
Repurposed star-drives from abandoned starships
Related Species

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