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The Folding Dimension

It can't hurt you if It's not there . . . Right!?

The folding dimension exists below our own reality.  It is an unsettlingly non Euclidean space where time and distance work differently than they do in our dimension, yet strangely parallel to ours as well.  Short distances travelled there translate into great distances travelled when returning to our dimension.   The existence of another dimension below our own was first postulated by Dr. Anton Marigold of Terra, who spent the majority of his academic career proving its existance.  When he finally did develop a device that could reach what he called fold-space, the entire galaxy was opened up to human exploration and settlement.   Prolonged exposure to the abnormally disturbing presence of the folding dimension has been documented to drive some individuals into insanity.   It is a strongly held scientific truth that the folding dimension is utterly empty.  Completely void of anything.  Full of mind-numbing and maddening nothingness.  But a truth in our universe is merely a futile wish in the Folding.  The blasphmous secret of the Folding dimension is that, with the continuous passage of human minds trough this space, preternatural terrors and incomprehensible intelects have awakened and taken form.  These ineffable entities desire desperately to enter into our reality.   Fortunately for the residents of the Tantalus System, there are few opportunities for them to enter our galaxy from here.  Unfortunately, those opportunities are not zero.


When an object transitions into the folding dimension, it apears to fold in upon itself over and over again until there is nothing left.  The return to this dimension is equally disturbing, but in the opposite direction.  It is hard for the human eye this unnatural and impossible transposition.  You can almost feel your sanity slipping when witnessing this event.


This dimension is not naturally reachable from our reality.  Crossing over from one dimension to the other requires mechanical assistance.


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