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Subversal Energies Unlimited

In the year 5619 CP (Colonia Principio) a young engineer, and recreational archaeologist, named Preston Colveri found an ancient datapad burried in a forgotten city in the Wastelands. On this datapad was a listing of the seven colony ships that brought humanity to Athys, with co-ordinates by each name. Preston put together an expeditionary team and set out to find one of these ancient star-ships presumed lost for thousands of years. After a riveting adventure, that has been told often over the centuries, he found the colony ship that had once come frome lost Terra. More importantly, the star-drive was nearly intact. Preston formulated a plan to create near limitless power by converting the star-drive into a power plant that could create enough energy to power a massive city, and then selling them to the highest bidders. He succeeded in creating the Calveri Flux Reactor, and founded Subversal Energies Unlimited, the most prominent energy corporation throughout the whole of the Tantalus System.   From the profits of selling a license for the first Colveri Reactor, Subversal Energies Unlimited (SEU), under Preston Colveri's leadership, sought out the remaining six colony ships and salvaged all the surviving drive parts. From these they created six more reactors, and quickly had them licensed to major cities on all continents. Through reverse engineering, and Preston's genius, SEU was able to begin producing purpose built Flux Reactors.   To date SEU has produced and licensed 39 Colveri Flux Reactors, with five of them even being used in an off-world capacity.

Public Agenda

Provide unlimited power for a reasonably exorbitant price.


Secret technical knowledge of star-drive technology taken from the ancient decomitioned colony ships that brought humanity to Athys

Making something from Nothing

Founding Date
5619 CP
Corporation, Energy Industry
Alternative Names
Controlled Territories

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