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Shadow Blades

The Shadow Blades are a prenomenently female gang that operates out of the Eastgate District. They are lead by Bella the Blade.   The majority of their incom is generated by operating the Umbral Market, a floating black market providing a variety of intriging illicit goods for sale.   A recent deal with The Chosen has earned the Shadow Blades a significant amount of credits.  Some outsiders are viewing this fact as an oportunity to be exploited.   The Free Loot Crew, another gang in the Eastgate district, has been causing problems in the Umbral Market.  The Shadow Blades are now trying to remove them from the district, and preferably from existance as well.

Public Agenda

We rule Eastgate.


The eastgate govenment turns a blind eye to the Shadow Blades activities.   selective and loyal membership.
Illicit, Gang

Cover image: by Liam Requiem


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