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Fire Hawks

Drone Pilot and Hacker Gang

The Fire Hawks are a gang of pretentious edgelords who would rather hide behind their keyboards than do a dishonest days work.  At least that's how the other gangs of Spiral City see them.   The Fire Hawks are well known as having some of the best hackers in Spiral City. And the Fire Hawks know this, and revel in making anyone near them know this too.  Some Fixers won't work with them any more, because they're just that extra bit of cocky self-absorbed that can cause problems on a job.  But if you want the best, you have to deal with the Fire Hawks regardless of their juvenile antics.   Less known, but equally impressive, is the gang's many skilled drone pilots. Most of the Fire Hawk's drone pilots can coax incredible performance out of their drones that frequently exceed the established benchmarks of the manufacturers.   Some of the Fire Hawks were recently caught between The Vultures and The Chosen in one of their many gang wars.  Some drones were lost, some wounds were taken, and both of the other gangs now think the F-Hawks are working with their blood-sworn enemy.   The leader of the Fire Hawks, Sand Crab, wants to attempt to branch out into legitimate contracts for their drone pilots.  They are attempting to convince Aspidas Security Solutions that they should hire Fire Hawks to operate their drone fleet for them.  Negotiations have not yet reached a positive conclusion.


Members of the Fire Hawks respect skillz more than strength.  And so, their leadership isn't determined by the toughest, bravest, or most brutal, but rather by the most elegant hack, the most sublte system comprimising sub-routine, and the most skillful drone piloting.


Look cool, be cool.  The Fire Hawks dress to impress.  Their clothing sense is on point, but seldom practical.  Their weapons always look wicked, even if they tend to under perform.  Their tech is always bleeding edge, even if the software is still in pre-alpha.

Public Agenda

"Look cool getting rich", and "Pwn Teh L0z0rz"


A massive fleet of high tech drones of various kinds.     Top of the line hacking consoles, with bespoke ice countermeasures and wicked cool daemon programs.

1337 h4x0r pwns

Illicit, Gang
Alternative Names

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